April 18th

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Missing: Unsolved Cases

Episode 14

Missing: UC provides information and descriptions of long unsolved cases of missing children, including endangered, runaways as well as victims of abductions. The show specifically highlights cases of children missing for several years and features age-progressed photographs to show what these individuals might look like today. The program also presents teenage advice on safety in public places and in cyber space, including real-world examples of how to avoid potentially dangerous situations. The program emphasizes taking active responsibility for personal safety and promotes situational awareness, presented in a calm and non-threatening manner suited for teenagers.
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New Detectives

Trials of Evidence

In criminal investigations, a simple clue can provide the missing link by placing a suspect at a crime scene. Dirt left on shoes, tires or clothes, or even a tiny piece of plastic can pinpoint a crime scene. But it takes the keen eye of the forensic investigator to follow the trail of evidence that leads to the killer.
New Detectives

New Detectives


Approximately 1.8 million americans are reported missing each year. Some are runaways who find their way home, but others simply disappear. When foul play is suspected, investigators turn to forensics to find the missing.
New Detectives

New Detectives

In the Line of Fire

Bombers, snipers, spree killers: Some people don't care who they kill, they just want to hurt innocent people. These killers are the hardest to catch because they have no connection with their victims, who are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But even random bloodshed leaves traces at the scene that can direct an investigation and stop the killer before he can strike again
New Detectives

New Detectives

For the Love of Money

Every family has its secrets, and sometimes blood relations lead to bloodshed. When money is the motive, murder can rip at the very foundation of marriage and family. When murder becomes a family affair, investigators must turn to forensics to uncover a death in the family when the motive is for love or money
New Detectives

New Detectives

Left at the Scene

The tiniest residue left at the scene can become a mark of distinction in the most singular and intimate of ways. Investigators have come to rely on forensic evidence as simple as a smudge on a piece of tape or a faint impression left in the dirt. Investigators must have their eyes trained to find the full story of a murder etched in clues left at the scene.
New Detectives

Meet Marry Murder


Stephen and Anne Searle were the grandparents at the helm of a large, close-knit family. But far from enjoying their later years together, Stephen was having a sordid affair, and Anne had been pushed to drink by her husband’s controlling behaviour. Neither was destined to enjoy a peaceful retirement.

Meet Marry Murder


Ann Marie and Anthony Anastasi had four children, a big house on a desirable street… and a younger lover living in their basement. It was a toxic love triangle, and one that was destined to end in tragedy. And when it did, it would take down more than just that

Meet Marry Murder


The Donnelly family’s neighbours knew they were unusual. Christopher, a music teacher, and Hannegret, a former midwife, were rarely seen outside the house. The children were home-schooled; banned from having phones or computer games. But no one could guess the violence taking place within their home - until it was too late.

Meet Marry Murder


Ian and Sally Lawrence were a glamorous couple. He, a pilot, she, successful businesswoman, they looked like they had it all. But their marriage suffered when Ian’s star started to fall just as Sally’s career rocketed. And when the couple suffered a terrible car crash, only one came out alive.

Killer Cases

Murder Under a Blue Moon

When Department of Homeland Security employee Richard Smith failed to show up for work, police discovered the murdered bodies of Smith, his mother and brother in their Escambia County , Florida home. When occult ritual items were found at the scene the local Sheriff started investigating possible links to the “Wiccan” religion and the timing of the killings with a “Blue Moon Sky”.

Killer Cases

Murder in a Wisconsin Field

When a beautiful young teacher was found shot to death in a Wisconsin farm field, police quickly arrested her live-in boyfriend who had waited 18 hours to report her missing. But his Fitbit device proved he was asleep at home the night of the murder and a stranger Nicole met at a heavy metal concert in a local bar became a prime suspect.