July 21st

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The New Detectives

Shreds of Evidence

Hairs and fibers: The tiniest filament can become a mark of distinction in the most singular and intimate of ways. Investigators have come to rely on forensic evidence as fine as a carpet fiber or as innocent as an eyelash to crack difficult cases.
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The New Detectives

Seeds of Destruction

Forensic botany & geology: Plants help provide oxygen and nutrients for existence. Soil is the fertilizer of life. Yet both can yield clues to the time and location of a person's death. In criminal investigations, a simple seedpod can provide the missing link by placing a suspect at a crime scene. Dirt left on shoes, tires or clothes can pinpoint a crime scene.

The New Detectives

Lethal Dosage

Toxicology: While drugs can cure disease and ease pain, they can also be agents of murder. Toxicologists can examine blood and tissue to uncover cases where death is not as natural as it may seem--from slow arsenic poisoning to quick cocaine overdoses.

The New Detectives

Tools of Death

Tool marking: A tool used to commit a crime can often be the same tool used to solve it. The pattern a machine leaves on an item, the unusual way a tool crimps a wire, and even something as innocuous as the shape of a wood chip can lead to a killer.

The New Detectives

Out of the Grave

New forensic techniques used to solve old cases: Advancement in science and technology are encouraging people to revisit the past in hopes of answering questions that have remained unanswered, and solving crimes that seemed unsolvable. Techniques from the 20th century are applied to cases from as far back as ancient times.



A mom vanishes. Does her online life hold the key to this mystery or is the answer closer to home?


Someone Was Out There

Over the course of a year, violent crimes are committed against two women from the same church.


Scorned (2-hr)

A love triangle leads to years of stalking, property destruction, threats, and murder.

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High Speed Pursuits 2

Most shocking is the ultimate 'caught-on-camera' reality show featuring high-adrenaline, action-packed stories of criminal behavior. In this episode, police pursue a man in a stolen ambulance until one wrong move has him headed to the er. Also, a reckless driver hits speeds of over a hundred miles per hour leading to a devastating head-on crash. And, when a kidnapper fires at cops out the back window, his hostage brings the chase to a surprising end. Tv-14
Most Shocking