Almost Unsolved


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Mar 1st

Keep Digging

A young woman is reported missing and then found days later in the elevator of a Seattle parking garage. A lack of evidence stalls the case for close to 50 years with only one suspect that turns out to be innocent. However, present-day advances in DNA tracing techniques bring forth a new suspect and authorities are closer than ever to finding out who the killer is.
Mar 4th

Cultural Indifference

The body of a brutally murdered young Indigenous woman is discovered in a remote area of northern Manitoba. RCMP turn the town upside down and four suspect’s names keep coming up. But with too little evidence and no one willing to talk, it takes over a decade before a tenacious new officer on the case finds a way to break the silence.
Mar 5th


A 40-year-old Alberta resident vanishes without a trace until her charred body is found in an abandoned shack. The RCMP hit the case hard but without any strong evidence, the case quickly goes cold, leaving a vicious killer on the loose. Almost ten years later, the RCMP have to get creative if they want the murderer behind bars.
Mar 6th


A young nurse is murdered on her way to work. After offering a reward for any information, the police quickly find and arrest their suspect. But as the decades go on, the investigation is called into question, and the real killer could still be free.
Mar 7th

The Taxi

The body of a motel employee working the night shift is discovered tied up and badly beaten. As police investigate, they find the employee’s granddaughter is also a victim. The investigation spans decades and crosses state lines as detectives follow false leads, dead ends, and even employ new criminal profiling techniques developed by the FBI, which leads them to investigate a notorious serial killer.
Mar 8th


The investigation into the double murder of teens in a lover’s lane reveals dozens of suspects, but not one can be linked to the scene. Over sixty years later, new technology and the one single piece of perfectly preserved evidence reveal a shocking secret that almost remained hidden forever.
Mar 11th


When newlyweds are discovered murdered in their home police are at loss as to who did it. After hundreds of interviews, even reaching out to psychics turns up no clues. With nothing to go on, the case goes cold for over 40 years until technology can catch up with the killer. It will take next generation genetic genealogy to uncover the truth.
Mar 12th


When a newborn baby is found dead in a ditch, a community rallies to give him a proper funeral. The burial preserves DNA which, forty years later, will corner a woman who thought she’d discarded a secret no one could trace.
Mar 13th


On a stretch of highway near a small town in Minnesota, a woman’s body is found in a ditch. Police are unable to identify the victim & she is buried as a Jane Doe. Decades later, after DNA technology becomes common practice in police investigations, a local resident makes it her personal mission to discover the victim’s identity.
Mar 14th

The Rat

An informant looking for a way out of jail tells police about a murder they never knew existed. Police enlist the help of a local newspaper to set up an elaborate sting operation not only hoping to catch the killers but to find out who the deceased really is.