Almost Unsolved


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May 24th


On a stretch of highway near a small town in Minnesota, a woman’s body is found in a ditch. Police are unable to identify the victim & she is buried as a Jane Doe. Decades later, after DNA technology becomes common practice in police investigations, a local resident makes it her personal mission to discover the victim’s identity.
May 27th

The Rat

An informant looking for a way out of jail tells police about a murder they never knew existed. Police enlist the help of a local newspaper to set up an elaborate sting operation not only hoping to catch the killers but to find out who the deceased really is.
May 28th


A woman is discovered brutally murdered in her hotel room just as she is about to start a new chapter in her professional career. It will take several stages of technological advancement until forty years later the identity of her killer is finally revealed with the aid of genetic genealogy.
May 29th

The Horseman

In Chicago in three boys go missing while on a trip downtown to see a movie. Two days later their lifeless bodies are found dumped in a ditch. The entire city is shocked and horrified – and demands justice for the three innocent children but it will be almost 40 years before answers start to come to light.
May 30th


A man is found dead in his apartment but the investigation quickly fizzles out. As more and more gay men are murdered around Toronto in the subsequent decades, his case is reopened. Finding the killer goes from not just being about one man to being about the safety of the entire gay community.
May 31st

Wrong Man

A young girl vanishes from her rural Canadian home and the search makes national headlines, along with the discovery of her body a few months later. Police link evidence to the wrong man, who goes through a decade of trials and suspicion. It will take three decades of advances in forensic science to find the killer.
Jun 6th


An elderly woman is killed with such ferocity police dig deep to find her enemies. With a serial killer on the loose who preys on seniors even the most seemingly insignificant, will play a part in this game of life and death.
Jun 6th


A roadside discovery in Utah reveals a murdered woman wrapped up in sleeping bags and blankets. Efforts to identify her and the killer prove almost impossible. For more than 20 years the identity of the woman – and killer – remain a mystery, until new DNA collecting techniques brings authorities closer than ever to finding the identity of the victim and her killer.
Jun 6th

The Stereo

A young woman’s body is discovered murdered in her own home in what appears to be a burglary gone wrong. As one by one suspects are eliminated police fear that they have let the killer slip through their fingers for good until a new invention decades later points the finger directly at the murderer.
Jun 6th


A worker in Vancouver's Stanley Park discovers a shallow grave with two small skeletons. The infamous case would remain unsolved for seven decades, until DNA analysis provides a startling revelation and genetic genealogy finally tracks down the names of the child victims.