Body of Evidence From the Case Files of Dayle Hinman

Body of Evidence

About the show

This riveting series gets inside the mind, life and career of one of the country's leading forensic profilers. In each episode, Dayle Hinman guides you through some of her most puzzling cases and explains how they were solved. These baffling mysteries often have no eyewitnesses, little evidence and no apparent motive. 


Upcoming episodes

Aug 8th

Ates Case

The Ates Case: A residential house fire in a small Florida town leads to a shocking discovery: a young woman is dead. Her family must wait almost five years for justice. Dayle Hinman, FDLE Profiler, helps a community find a killer who many still be living among them.
Aug 8th

Immogene Rogers Case

The Immogene Rogers Case: Postal worker Imogene Roger is going about her normal routine of delivering mail when she is abducted and killed. With few leads to go on, FDLE profiler Dayle Hinman and investigators discover that Rogers had been the victim of an attack 15 years earlier and that her assailant has just been released from prison. For Dayle, the clue to solving the case may lie in the victim's mailbag.
Aug 8th

Backer Case

The Backer Case: When police found Rolf Backer’s shrimp boat run aground in Key West, Florida, they knew something was very wrong. There was no one on board, but traces of blood led investigators to suspect foul play. Backer had just hired a new first mate, Ricky Flowers, who was quickly located, but Rolf Backer had disappeared. At first, investigators thought they might have an insurance fraud attempt on their hands. But Dayle Hinman FDLE profiler would prove otherwise.
Aug 8th

Bracco Case

The Bracco Case: In Florida, a peaceful retirement community is shattered when a 63-year-old woman is assaulted in her home. When police arrive at the scene, they find few clues. As the investigation continues, police receive several calls from women reporting late night robberies. The authorities believe that the same man is involved in all these cases. With nowhere to turn, they ask FDLE Profiler Dayle Hinman to join the investigation. Dayle leads investigators on a chase to find the assailant who she thinks is living nearby.
Aug 8th

Brannon Case

The Brannon Case: Sherry and Dewey Brannon had just built a beautiful home together in a rural town in Florida where they had planned to live with their two young daughters. But then Dewey had other plans and moved in with his girlfriend. When he finds Sherry dead in their home on her birthday, Dewey becomes the immediate suspect. But Dayle Hinman, FDLE Profiler, is convinced otherwise.
Aug 8th

Rolling Case

The Rolling Case: A string of murders at The University of Florida has the entire campus living in fear. A massive police taskforce is assembled, including FDLE Profiler Dayle Hinman. At first, detectives think they know who the killer is. But Dayle remains convinced that the prime suspect is not their man.
Aug 8th

Congress Avenue Case

The Congress Ave. Case: Over a six month period, a masked man assaulted several women near Congress Avenue, a main thoroughfare in Palm Beach County, FL. With several suspects but few leads, police consult FDLE Profiler Dayle Hinman. After visiting the crime scenes and looking at the clues, Dayle creates a profile of the suspect. But the question remains -- will investigators be able to find him before he attacks again?
Aug 8th

Tamiami Trail, The

The Tamiami Case: Each year, thousands of people travel from Tampa to Miami Beach via the Tamiami trail. But one year, a string of murders along the trail has the community living in fear. Detectives focus their attention to a note written by the assailant challenging police to catch him. Now it falls upon FDLE Profiler Dayle Hinman to prove that she is up to the challenge.
Aug 8th

Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice: When 37-year old Debra Payton is discovered dead in the woods, police begin an extensive man-hunt for the killer. Near the crime scene, investigators discover a chilling poem painted in a house under construction. Police assume that if they can find out who wrote that poem, they will have their perpetrator. But Profiler Dayle Hinman is convinced the answer isn’t that simple.
Aug 8th


The Bradford County Abduction: When a young boy goes missing, investigators race against the clock to track him down. For weeks, law enforcement agents search high and low, but find no sign of the boy or his abductor. A break comes when investigators find the boy’s book bag on the side of a road. They bring in Special Agent Dayle Hinman to analyze the scene. Her profiling skills tell her that the scene has been staged and that the boy may still be alive. But the question remains, can detectives find him before its too late?