Body of Evidence From the Case Files of Dayle Hinman

Body of Evidence

About the show

This riveting series gets inside the mind, life and career of one of the country's leading forensic profilers. In each episode, Dayle Hinman guides you through some of her most puzzling cases and explains how they were solved. These baffling mysteries often have no eyewitnesses, little evidence and no apparent motive. 


Upcoming episodes

Oct 31st

Dead End

A woman is found dead far from where she lives and police are sure they know who did it. But while the evidence point one way, Agent Hinman’s profile points in another, more sinister direction.
Oct 31st


A woman is missing and her family is desperate. Police think she’s been spotted in a nearby town, but Agent Hinman helps unravel a plot involving jewelry, Mark Twain – and another woman.
Oct 31st


A hurricane blows through Florida leaving a trail of death – but one of the deaths is not from the storm. Agent Hinman learns that someone used the hurricane as cover for their own deadly plans.
Oct 31st


A businessman is missing and it’s up to Agent Hinman to discover what happened to him – and why. The investigation takes Hinman from heat-seeking helicopters to buried freezers in search of answers.
Oct 31st


A woman is found dead in the water and police are baffled. Agent Hinman helps police uncover a series of clues involving boats, water and the Navy to catch a killer who has unique skills.
Oct 31st

Clean Break

An open door on Madge McLean’s house reveals a murder – and a mystery. Agent Hinman investigates – and discovers a criminal ring that goes deeper than anyone imagined.
Oct 31st

Girlfriend, The

A woman is missing – and so are the clothes from her drawers. Agent Hinman thinks someone out there is obsessed – and collecting trophies from an imaginary girlfriend.
Oct 31st


A traffic accident turns out to be no accident at all – and police need to find a killer. Agent Hinman untangles a web of love and obsession using forensics, profiling – and even hypnosis.
Oct 31st

Cause Of Death

A wealthy Texan with a young wife has had a heart attack – or has he? Agent Hinman marries forensics with profiling to piece together what happened in the final hours of a millionaire’s life.
Oct 31st

Hyde Park Predator, The

A sexual predator is on the loose in trendy Tampa, Florida and cops are doing everything they can to stop him before he strikes again. Dayle Hinman joins the team and she knows that criminals like this don’t stop…unless something stops them