Cold Blood

Cold Blood

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A murder has been committed... But as the evidence piles up, so does the confusion. Cold Blood returns you to the crime scene so you can examine all the clues for yourself. Can you piece together the facts and eventually crack the case? Combining the thrill of a mystery with the visceral experience of true crime drama, Cold Blood navigates the confounding twists and turns on the journey to solving a homicide, tracking the emergence of new evidence, new revelations, and new suspects... As competing theories come to light, Cold Blood explores how the crime could have occurred from each perspective. Experience real investigations as they unfold. Follow the forensics as they reveal the truth. 


Upcoming episodes

Jan 20th

Murder by Number

Just after midnight on Saturday, August 27th 1988, driving instructor Keith Slater is woken by his doorbell. As he opens the door a man asks, ‘Keith Slater?’ before knifing him in the throat. He dies on his doorstep in his wife’s arms.  Police have a description of the killer and a possible fingerprint, but the list of suspects grows as it is discovered the driving instructor had many enemies. There is also a series of numbers found on a matchbox nearby and a mysterious blonde woman seen with the victim the night of his death.  Can investigators sift through a bizarre world of witchcraft and numerology to bring the perpetrator to justice?
Jan 21st

Dirty Deeds

Poughkeepsie, NY. Susan Fassett is driving home from choir practice when a car pulls up beside her.  The driver unloads seven bullets into her body. Police immediately suspect her husband, police officer Jef Fassett. His evasive behaviour when they come to arrest him doesn’t help matters. It’s eventually learned that Susan was having an affair with a businessman linked to a city corruption scandal that has already led to a body floating in the local river. The man claims no impropriety: he’s impotent. But it is soon learned he has another lover, who was videotaped having sex with the victim at his behest.  The twisted case nets more than one perpetrator, but can police bring the mastermind to justice before he takes his own life to escape punishment?
Jan 22nd

Making a Killing

Real Estate Agent Sarah Anne Walker is found stabbed to death in a model home she uses to show clients. As hundreds of people have been in the space, fingerprints and other trace evidence are next to useless. Walker’s trail leads police to two suspicious ex-husbands, links to criminal elements, and an Internet dating service where she was trying to find a wealthy partner.  Police eventually recover a male DNA profile from the scene, but the search for a suspect has become a wild goose chase. Motive also remains a mystery, as she was not sexually assaulted and there are no clear signs of robbery. Can dogged police work help catch a killer who may not even be one of the hundreds of suspects?
Jan 22nd

Death of a Beauty King

Constantine Dean Milo is found dead in the foyer of his home. He’s been shot twice, and seemingly random clues pepper his house.  Police have no lack of suspects: disgruntled kin fired from the family business; competitors with public grudges against Milo; a spurned wife, suspicious her husband is cheating, perhaps with another man. Yet it is the possibility of a cash reward for information leading to Milo’s killer that jogs memories. Police discovery a web of contract killers so tangled it threatens to drag the entire case down at trial. Can investigators get to the startling truth before the convoluted conspiracy lets all the players walk free?
Jan 22nd


After returning home from basketball practice on september 28th 2000, david camm discovers the blood-soaked bodies of his wife and two children in the garage. Êthe former state trooper places an emergency call to 911. But before long, camm has become the number one suspect in the case. Êhe is sentenced to life in prisoné until a reexamination of the evidence blows the case wide open. Was there someone else at the crime scene that night? Êonly forensic science can capture the killeré
Jan 22nd


On august 29th 1995, mark winger places a desperate call to 911. He tells authorities heõs just shot a man who was beating his wife with a hammer.Êboth his wife and her attacker are lying in a pool of blood on the dining room floor. Êthe community rallies around mark. Heõs hailed as a hero, and police close the case in one day. But thereõs something about the story that doesnõt add up. A rookie detective is determined to reopen the investigation. Êwhat really happened? Êêonly forensic science can tell the true storyé
Jan 22nd

Double Jeopardy

On june 16th 2001, police rush to a gas station after a man is shot in the face in broad daylight. Êthe victim is jeff zack, an abrasive 40-year-old with a criminal record and a long list of enemies. His killerõs identity and motive remain a mystery... Êêbut as the investigation unfolds, key evidence leads police to the home of one of akronõs most powerful families... And as detectives get closer to the truth, a tangled web of secrecy, adultery, and murder begins to unravel. Êwhat really happened? Êêonly forensic science can tell the true storyé
Jan 25th

Femme Fatale

On january 15th 1989, paul solomon arrives home to find his wife lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Êin a panic, he calls 911. Êas investigators comb the crime scene, they are perplexed. They find no signs of a struggle or forced entry, and they consider the victim an unlikely candidate for murder. At first, police suspect paul is the killer, especially when they uncover details of a passionate affair. But was it paul ñ or his lover ñ who pulled the trigger? Only forensic science can tell the true storyé
Jan 26th

Flesh and Blood

On july 13th, 1994, three members of the rafay family are brutally murdered in their new homeé êlater the same night, the familyõs teenage son and his best friend discover the gruesome scene and call for help. At first, authorities believe they are investigating a murder-suicideé êbut as they comb through the evidence, they begin to suspect a much darker story. Could the two teenagers have planned and executed the crime themselves? Police resort to an undercover sting to find outé êbut can they get their suspects to confess?
Jan 27th


On november 25th, 2001, a welsh village is horrified when ninety-year-old mabel leyshon is found dead in her home. As investigators comb the crime scene, they are baffled by gruesome evidence of a ritual slaying. Êon a silver platter beside the corpse, is a tidy package containing her hearté and a blood stained mixing bowl suggests the perpetrator drank her blood. Êauthorities are stumped until their trail leads them to mabelõs seventeen-year-old neighbor. Êcould matthew hardman possibly be the monster behind the murder-sacrifice? And can forensic science prove it?