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Jan 22nd

Kim Edwards / Lucas Markham

In 2016 a double murder shocked the sleepy village of Spalding, England. Two star crossed 14-year-old young lovers (Edwards and Markham), conspired to murder Edwards mother and sister. This case of folie a deux is the youngest recorded incident of Matricide in UK criminal history
Jan 23rd

Elizabeth Wetlauffer

In 2017 Nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering 8 of her elderly charges with overdoses of insulin.
Jan 29th

Stephen Griffiths / Peter Manuel

Two British serial murders who killed a generation apart but with the same common goals Ð they killed to achieve an infamy that had eluded them in everyday life.
Jan 30th

Robert Pickton

Pickton was a pig farer who lived on a sprawling squalid estate. The ramshackle collection of barns and slaughter houses were the perfect cover for a madman who killed 49 women before feeding them to his hogs.
Feb 5th

Gary Ridgway

Ridgway remains one of the most prolific murderers in US history who evaded capture for decades and integrated murder into his every day life, even killing prostitutes with his young son waiting in the back of the car
Feb 6th

Robert Black

Robert Black is the worst child killer in modern British history. Convicted of the abduction and murder of four school girls, he is widely expected of having murdered up to ten more in a ten year campaign of terror that murdered the meaning of childhood for a generation