Cruise Ship Killers

About the show

The stories of people who never returned home after taking a holiday on a cruise ship, featuring interviews with family, friends, investigators and experts.


Upcoming episodes

Sep 27th


A father and daughter take a cruise on the high seas, but when the dad vanishes one evening the family is left wondering what happened to the man at the core of the family. 
Sep 28th


A wealthy San Francisco socialite is murdered at sea, bludgeoned to death by a whisky bottle. Could her servant who was also staying in her room have any details that can help solve this murder?
Sep 29th


A youth ministry attendee disappears aboard a cruise ship. Could someone in the ministry have any information of what happened? Is anyone hiding any important details that may lead to her whereabouts?
Sep 30th


A friendly entrepreneur and her son board a cruise ship for a much needed vacation away from their worries when she suddenly vanishes. Did her financial troubles get the best of her? Or is there someone on board who murdered her?
Oct 1st


A high school reunion cruise turns deadly, when the class brainiac turns up dead. Did a classmate commit a terrible act against her? Was there a score to settle?
Oct 4th


A vivacious young entertainer on a high‐end luxury cruise draws so many admirers, jealousies start to flare. After a night of socializing, she doesn't show up for rehearsal. Whatreally happened behind her locked cabin door?
Oct 5th


A therapist known for her loving attitude goes on a cruise with her husband as they attempt to repair their strained marriage. Unfortunately, their week alone comes to atragic end as her body falls from an upper deck. Is it all an accident, or has something more sinister taken place?
Oct 6th


A millionaire widower and her teenaged daughter take a five‐star cruise together. But at one of the many stops along the way, a grizzly discovery is made when crew membersfind the widower's body crammed into her own suitcase.
Oct 7th


Recently retired newly weds embark on their third tropical cruise in less than year. The happy and fun loving couple are enjoying the adventures and romance of this new chapter when tragedy strikes and they are found dead in their cabin.
Oct 8th


High school sweethearts, reunited after 30 years, celebrate their birthdays by taking a cruise together. After a night of drinking during an excursion, one of them ends up beaten and strangled to death. Was an alcohol‐soaked scorpion to blame?