Cruise Ship Killers

About the show

The stories of people who never returned home after taking a holiday on a cruise ship, featuring interviews with family, friends, investigators and experts.


Upcoming episodes

Jan 24th


A Fourth of July cruise turns deadly as a passenger vanishes moments after leaving the dance floor. The details of what occurred that night continues to haunt family and friends as they search for closure.
Jan 25th


A owner-operator gambling cruise director is found dead in the bathroom. All signs point to murder as investigators begin combing through the evidence to uncover the perpetrator and bring them to justice.
Jan 26th


A vivacious young entertainer on a high‐end luxury cruise draws so many admirers, jealousies start to flare. After a night of socializing, she doesn't show up for rehearsal. Whatreally happened behind her locked cabin door?
Jan 27th


A therapist known for her loving attitude goes on a cruise with her husband as they attempt to repair their strained marriage. Unfortunately, their week alone comes to atragic end as her body falls from an upper deck. Is it all an accident, or has something more sinister taken place?
Jan 28th


A millionaire widower and her teenaged daughter take a five‐star cruise together. But at one of the many stops along the way, a grizzly discovery is made when crew membersfind the widower's body crammed into her own suitcase.