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What motivates a person to commit murder? The reasons, of course, are numerous -- jealousy, revenge, money matters and tangled heartstrings are often prominent among them -- but "Deadly Wives" takes the senselessness a step further. It tells real stories of women who one day decide that the husbands they vowed to love and honor for all days are now their worst enemies, and so murder plots are hatched and executed to perfection. "To have and to hold ... until death do us part."


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Sep 23rd

Craven for Murder

In the all-American town of Edgewood, Kentucky, Stephen and Adele Craven fit right in. He's a commercial airline pilot, and she's a stay-at-home mom with two adorable kids. Though they've been together for more than a decade, things aren't perfect at the Craven house--Stephen is frequently away for work, and Adele fills her time with play dates, neighborhood activities--and a not-so-secret lover on the side. But when Stephen turns up dead, investigators are faced with a puzzling crime scene, conflicting testimony, and a search for evidence that makes finding a needle in a haystack look easy. It will take years, two trials and a determined team of detectives and prosecutors to ultimately bring Stephen Craven's killers to justice.