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What motivates a person to commit murder? The reasons, of course, are numerous -- jealousy, revenge, money matters and tangled heartstrings are often prominent among them -- but "Deadly Wives" takes the senselessness a step further. It tells real stories of women who one day decide that the husbands they vowed to love and honor for all days are now their worst enemies, and so murder plots are hatched and executed to perfection. "To have and to hold ... until death do us part."


Upcoming episodes

Oct 28th

Murder for Proffitt

Sadie Proffitt and her husband David, 50, are a retired couple who move from Florida to Texas to be closer to Sadie's son. While Sadie is friendly with many residents at the sprawling apartment complex where they live, David is partially paralyzed and often stays inside. On Oct. 9, 2000, in the middle of the night, tragedy strikes when a rapidly moving fire erupts at the apartment complex, and several people are killed in the inferno. When investigators begin researching the source of the blaze--some aspects of the disastrous incident just don't add up. It will take experts many months to sort through the evidence and find the truth behind the fire--and finally charge an unlikely suspect with murder.
Nov 4th

Things Aren't What They Seem

Take a sneak-peek at what s coming up this month on our sister network Bio Channel. At BIO, we prove that the truth is always more entertaining than fiction.
Nov 11th

Love Covers a Multitude of Sins

Teresa Stone is a traditional wife and mother of two in Independence, Missouri. Everyone in town knows that Randy, Teresa s husband, dotes on her--and the couple faithfully attends church together and own a successful local insurance agency. So when Randy is shot and killed in his office, the quiet community is stunned: who would want to kill such a likable family guy--a deacon, bus driver, and devoted member of New Hope Baptist church? While friends and family are shocked, Teresa remains surprisingly calm. As detectives begin to unravel the unusual case, they learn that sex, lies and greed are just a few of Teresa s unholy secrets, and each sinful revelation brings them one step closer to finding Randy s killer.