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Aug 7th

Teaching Moment

Dog always wants to share the wisdom he has collected on the streets with the fugitives he captures. But today he's going to do double duty! His son-in-law Travis (and trainee bondsman) is also in need of some knowledge. After Travis signs off on an iffy bond and the accused turns into a fugitive, Dog and Beth decide to bring Travis on his first bounty. What better way to teach him the importance of proper paperwork and procedure, than to show him just how hard it can be to bring in your man!
Aug 7th

Mission of Mercy

Dog knows that it is better to give than to receive, so when a fellow bondsman grieving for his recently departed spouse requests his help, he jumps into action. Studying the fugitive's file the team uncovers a surprising fact. Like the bondsman, the runner has also recently lost a loved one, his step-dad. How will Dog use this information to catch his man?
Aug 7th

Practice Makes Perfect

No one becomes a bondsman overnight and even the members of Dog's team know there is always more to learn. So when Duane Lee cuts a felon a little too much slack about checking-in and then goes missing, Duane Lee knows he's gonna get schooled. The word on the street is that their quarry has split from his wife and is drifting between several of Hawaii's less than scenic public parks. The hunt could be long, and Duane Lee knows that Beth will be right there, offering her advice along the way.
Aug 7th

Back Behind Bars

Today the team isn't pulling any punches, literally or figuratively! In between tracking down a potentially dangerous an ex-con facing a five year stretch in the big house, Leland is struggling to find time to train and compete for his first boxing match in years. Will Dog get his man? Will Leland's return to the ring be triumphant?
Aug 7th

Family Man

It's Dog's birthday, and he plans to celebrate in the same way he has for the last twenty years. There's no taking the day off to indulge himself for this bounty hunter - he's tracking down a fugitive! And Dog discovers that what appears to be a simple case of a felon skipping out on sentencing is in fact a painful tale of family strife brought on by the all too common curse of drug addiction. Will Dog get his man and keep his perfect score of birthday captures intact?
Aug 7th

All in the Family

The "Big Island" of Hawaii boasts both lush tropical splendor and stark volcanic beauty. But today Dog and the team can't spend much time taking in the sights, they need to help Leland hunt down some elusive fugitives. This case is a family affair with both mother and daughter in trouble with the law. Will a twisted sense of family honor help or hinder Dog in his quest to bring this felon to justice?
Aug 7th

Secret Places

When Leland learns that one of his clients with a reputation for stealing has lost her co-signer and could be ready to run, Dog and the crew hop a plane to the Big Island. Their target lives in a remote corner of the island on a junk-filled compound with plenty of places for a criminal to hide. The hunt will reveal a dark secret from the past that lies behind this woman's troubled present.
Aug 7th

Meet the Chapmans

For anyone who believes drug use is a victimless crime these two cases should change they're minds. Both offer vivid evidence of the damage and destruction addiction brings both to individuals and entire families.
Aug 7th

Father and Son

Duane Lee is sick today, so the team is one man short. Dog calls in Justin, a former team-member, but Tim and Leland are worried that Justin isn't a true team player. They are going after Kimberly, with over 20 violations she is a habitual traffic offender. Dog and his boys have to navigate misleading informants, belligerent boat dwellers, and angry drunks before they grab Kimberly in a dramatic bust and bring her to jail. For all his hard work, Justin gets Dog's blessing, as well as solid handshakes from Tim and Leland.
Aug 7th

Competition , The

Baby Lyssa is a big girl now! She's just turned eighteen and she's studying to become a bondsman. But Dog and Beth think that "you can't get 'em out if you don't know how to put 'em back in." So that means going to work with Dad and the posse. Her training gets off to a rocky start though when Beth must first approve Lyssa's wardrobe. Lyssa's primary concern is looking pretty, but Beth's experience tells her that the novice must dress appropriately and this includes wearing sensible shoes. It takes Lyssa three tries before she passes muster and is allowed to join the hunt.