Dominick Dunne

Dominick Dunne

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No one knows the dark side of the rich and famous better than Dominick Dunne. The consummate insider and relentless crusader, Dunne chronicles the arrogance that leads the rich to believe they are above the law. A best-selling author and celebrated columnist for Vanity Fair, Dunne will rivet you with his selection of notorious cases that uncover the lowest depths of high society.


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Sep 21st

Family Plot

In 1992, Kristi Koslow was living the high life: a pretty high school senior with a tennis-star boyfriend living in a tony suburb of Fort Worth, TX. But when her wealthy father Jack married Dallas socialite Caren Courtney, Kristi’s strained relationship with her dad went from bad to worse. Then one evening, two men entered the Koslow’s home and attacked the couple. Caren was killed during the attack, but Jack managed to survive and call 911. Suspicion immediately pointed to Jack, but police got a break when a tip led them to the most unlikely suspect: Kristi Koslow. Kristi had offered her boyfriend, Brian Salter, and friend Jeffrey Dillingham, $1 million apiece to murder her father and stepmother. Kristi handed them a floor plan and the alarm code, sat back and waited to collect on her $12 million inheritance. All three were tried and convicted. Koslow and Salter are both serving life sentences. Dillingham was executed in 2000.
Sep 22nd

Deadly Delivery

It looks like a simple robbery gone horribly wrong when Donald and Marsha Levine are found dead inside their Munster, Indiana Mansion. But why then did the "robbers" leave the Levine's only son, Mark, alive? And why was Mark blaming the murder on his shady Uncle Robert? There are skeletons in most family's closets, but investigators soon discover that the Levine's are harboring a whole graveyard full in theirs.
Sep 23rd

House of Secrets

When Bruce and Darlene Rouse are murdered in their sprawling estate, they leave their entire fortune to their three children - three children who quickly become three suspects. Robin Rouse swears that her brothers Kurt and Billy did it, but police have just as much reason to believe she was the one behind the brutal murders. The sordid saga finally comes to a close when Billy, who's been circling the drain since squandering his entire inheritance on the high life, confesses to the murder after police catch him robbing a bank.
Sep 24th

Traces of Evil

Richard and Nancy Lyon were making a mint running a fashionable landscaping business for Dallas elites. There was only one problem: Nancy was constantly complaining of horrible stomach cramps. Doctors told her it was overexposure to pesticides and fertilizers - right up until the day she died. That's when investigators discovered enough arsenic in her system to kill ten grown men. Now police must find a reason why anyone would have wanted this moneyed maganolia clipped.
Sep 25th

The Von Bulow Affair

When Sunny VonBulow was found comatose in her luxurious Rhode Island summer home, everyone had a pet theory on what happened – including police, who fingered her husband Claus for attempted murder. Fortunately for Claus, pet theories don’t stand up in court, and his team of high powered lawyers managed to free him after an epic series of trials and appeals