About the show

`Fatal Encounters' tells the stories of people in the wrong place at the wrong time. It traces the doomed relationships between victim and killer as their paths intertwine, setting the stage for a series of events that lead to murder. Each episode begins with the introduction of the protagonists as they go about their normal business, unaware of what's about to transpire. An on-screen clock counts down the victim's final hours, making it clear to viewers the decisions and actions that contribute to the victim falling into the killer's fatal trap. Interviews with people familiar with the cases also contribute to the stories.


Upcoming episodes

Aug 17th

A MotherÕs Nightmare

Fate intrudes when a nine month pregnant woman is lured to the home of a deeply troubled young woman with a secret plan to steal her fetus. In less than 24 hours, the expecting mom will be forced to fight for her life and the life of her unborn baby.
Aug 18th

The Sausage King

Stuart Alexander fights to save his family's 80 year old sausage plant while Jean Hillery fights to prove herself as a newly-promoted USDA officer. When Jean threatens to shut down the factory for health violations the two collide in a deadly face off.
Aug 19th

A Killer Night in Brooklyn

19 year old Mark Fisher is bar hopping in NYC when he leaves his buddies and takes up with a new group. His new acquaintances take him to an afterhours party where he becomes the target of a gang initiation that could cost him his life.
Aug 20th

Deadly Deeds

Genore Guillory has been helping her struggling neighbors with paid work and financial support, even naming them as beneficiaries on her life insurance policy. But one neighbor is in a white supremacist gang with plans to unload its racist fury her.
Aug 21st

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Two New Orleans police officers work side jobs at the same restaurant. As their lives intertwine, their relationship turns hostile. One of them will unleash a murderous rampage that will bring the entire Crescent City to its knees.
Aug 23rd

A Brother's Debt

On a sunny August morning, 15 year old Nick Markowitz is snatched off the sidewalk of his suburban neighborhood by a young marijuana dealer with a bad grudge against NickÕs brother, and driven 75 miles north. The spontaneous escalates into a tragedy.
Aug 23rd

The Road To Hell

52 year old Ray Patterson is a tow truck driver in Dyersburg, TN. When he sets out to aid a motorist in need, he runs into Steven Ray Thacker - a cold-blooded killer on the run whoÕs prepared to do anything to continue to elude police.
Aug 23rd

Fatal Fantasy

For years Robert Schwartz has been at odds with his 19-year-old daughter Clara Jane. When she meets a young man who shares her taste for the occult, they start talking about how Clara can get her father out of her life, for good.
Aug 24th

Who Shot the Sheriff?

Sheriff Brown, of DeKalb County, Georgia, was elected to clean up corruption; but incumbent Sidney Dorsey and his trusty deputy Patrick Cuffy are determined to hold onto their badges at any cost. Only one party will survive in this dramatic showdown.
Aug 25th

Deadly ID

A group of hard-partying young men meet an alluring, young woman called "Lida" and two of the men separately become intimate with her. But "Lida" isnÕt who they think she is and when they uncover her deepest secret, violence erupts and shatters lives.