About the show

How does the modern Federal Bureau of Investigation operate, especially in the age of sophisticated law-enforcement technologies? This series, ahem, launches an investigation into the 21st-century FBI, where the challenges range from pursuing arsonists, cybercriminals and arms dealers to tracking down terrorists. As tactics for hunting the world's most dangerous criminals evolve, so too do the agents who work these high-profile cases, and the series depicts the intensity and captures the human drama experienced by the FBI's heroes.


Upcoming episodes

Nov 27th

The Black Widow

When Robert OÕDubaine is found shot to death, this apparent gangland hit unravels into a tragic case of betrayal and sends the FBI and Chicago police on the hunt for a lethal temptress whoÕs hoping to elude authorities in the heart of paradise.
Nov 28th

Bound for Murder

When two young girls go missing from a small California town, the FBI and local police go on high alert searching out a serial predator before he strikes again. It will take the courage of one tiny hero to put an end to an evil killer who knows no limits.
Dec 1st

You Belong To Me

After 3 people are murdered in Jacksonville, the FBI and police track a man who dares to raft across the Rio Grande to seek refuge in a Mexican prison. His release sparks a worldwide manhunt for a murderer with the looks and charm to blend in anywhere.
Dec 2nd

The Bronx Butcher

When FBI Special Agent Mike Clarke begins an Albanian serial murder investigation, his efforts leads to The Bronx, NY and the unsolved murder of Mary Beal. The NYPD and the FBI find themselves on the hunt for a possible intercontinental killer.
Dec 3rd

Taken by Force

When a 16-year-old girl is kidnapped at gunpoint by a vicious drug gang, Texas Police and the FBI launch an intense search. Weeks go by before a twist of fate leads investigators to her captors. Will they find young Lisa Rene before itÕs too late?
Dec 4th

Off the Radar

When a police dispatcher mysteriously disappears from her Georgia home the FBI and local police launch a desperate search to find her. Inconsistent theories of her whereabouts make agents suspect that someone close to the investigation is misleading them.
Dec 5th

50 Shades of Evil

When several women are hunted & sexually tortured in the Denver area, local police & the FBI fear they have a violent serial rapist in their midst. Similar attacks occur across the country and pressure mounts to find this predator before he strikes again.
Dec 8th

Homegrown Terror

A night of fun at the 1996 Olympic Games ends in horror when a bomb explodes in Atlanta's Centennial Park, and it isn't long before another bomb rocks the southeast. Can the FBI track him down before he chooses his next target?
Dec 9th

The Gainesville Ripper

In August,1990, a sudden killing spree horrifies residents of Gainesville, FL when 5 college students are found brutally murdered in 3 days. The FBI analyzes killer's psyche-- unlocking the key to his personality before he kills again.
Dec 10th

Dangerous Obsessions

Sidney Reso, the head of Exxon International leaves his house but never shows up at work. It soon becomes apparent that Reso is being held for ransom. The FBI embarks on a maddening chase in hopes of catching the kidnappers and saving Reso's life.