About the show

How does the modern Federal Bureau of Investigation operate, especially in the age of sophisticated law-enforcement technologies? This series, ahem, launches an investigation into the 21st-century FBI, where the challenges range from pursuing arsonists, cybercriminals and arms dealers to tracking down terrorists. As tactics for hunting the world's most dangerous criminals evolve, so too do the agents who work these high-profile cases, and the series depicts the intensity and captures the human drama experienced by the FBI's heroes.


Upcoming episodes

May 18th

Stolen Innocence

Eight-year-old Sandra Cantu is playing outside her mobile home in Tracy, California when she vanishes into thin air. FBI and local authorities race to find her and discover her abductor lives dangerously close to home.
May 19th

Deadly Seven

Seven convicted felons escape from a Texas prison in broad daylight, then wreak havoc on the Longhorn State. After killing a police officer, they disappearÉ giving the FBI a run for their money.
May 20th

Cold Streets

In Anchorage, Alaska, a nurse practitioner disappears without a trace. The FBI and local law enforcement soon learn that her suspected killer has murdered beforeÉ and gotten away with it.
May 23rd

The Butcher

Danny Ray Horning robs a bank, and is linked to a gruesome murder that took place months before. But he manages to escape from prison, and leads the FBI on a chase through the Grand Canyon.
May 24th

Flesh & Blood

Mario Centobie has one goal to make his ex-wife pay for putting him in prison. The FBI scrambles to find the fugitive after he escapes from prison twiceÉ hoping they can stop him before he kills her.
May 25th


In the backwoods of Louisiana, Jesse James Caston shoots his wife and her best friend kicking off a bloody rampage that will endanger his own stepdaughters, and put the FBI to the test.
May 26th


A stranger snatches a little girl from her room in the dead of the night, sexually assaults her, slits her throat, and leaves her for dead. She proves to be unbreakable, however, and with the help of the FBI, lives to see justice.
May 27th

Twisted Obsession

A young mother of quintuplets is brutally murdered in her home, her young toddlers the only witnesses. The FBI delves into her past to find out who murdered her but realize her killer has made himself untouchable.
May 30th


A beautiful young college student is abducted in broad daylight, leaving behind only a pair of flip-flops. The case will go cold for months before another assault takes place-states away-leading the FBI to the heartless killer.
May 31st

Baby Grace

The body of a toddler girl is found in a box in a waterway in Galveston, Texas. Investigators nickname her Baby Grace and must rely on the FBI to figure out the mystery child's identity and why she was killed.