About the show

How does the modern Federal Bureau of Investigation operate, especially in the age of sophisticated law-enforcement technologies? This series, ahem, launches an investigation into the 21st-century FBI, where the challenges range from pursuing arsonists, cybercriminals and arms dealers to tracking down terrorists. As tactics for hunting the world's most dangerous criminals evolve, so too do the agents who work these high-profile cases, and the series depicts the intensity and captures the human drama experienced by the FBI's heroes.


Upcoming episodes

Mar 4th

Homegrown Terror

A night of fun at the 1996 Olympic Games ends in horror when a bomb explodes in Atlanta's Centennial Park, and it isn't long before another bomb rocks the southeast. Can the FBI track him down before he chooses his next target?
Mar 5th

The Gainesville Ripper

In August,1990, a sudden killing spree horrifies residents of Gainesville, FL when 5 college students are found brutally murdered in 3 days. The FBI analyzes killer's psyche-- unlocking the key to his personality before he kills again.
Mar 6th

Dangerous Obsessions

Sidney Reso, the head of Exxon International leaves his house but never shows up at work. It soon becomes apparent that Reso is being held for ransom. The FBI embarks on a maddening chase in hopes of catching the kidnappers and saving Reso's life.
Mar 7th

Missing in Missouri

In October, 2002, the small town of Richwoods, Missouri is horrified when an 11-year-old boy, vanishes without a trace. In time, a second boy mysteriously disappears. Can investigators stop this predator before another child disappears?
Mar 8th

Shots Fired

On August 10, 1999, a shooting at the North Granada Hills Jewish Community Center terrifies local residents. Investigators launch an all out man-hunt from LA to Washington State in hopes of catching the gunman before he strikes again.
Mar 11th

Internet Slave Master

For more than a decade, a series of young women and one small child have disappeared under mysterious circumstances from the Kansas City area. As authorities dig deeper, they discover a dark underworld of sadomasochistic crimes that shock the nation.
Mar 12th

Murder By Mail

A federal judge and civil rights attorney are killed instantly when mail package bombs are delivered to them. The same week, two more bombs are found. Rumors swirl that a hate group may be responsible, but the truth may be a bit more sinister.
Mar 13th

Lethal Contact

In January of 1987, a young socialite is gunned down in her suburban Atlanta home. When authorities can't come up with any hard evidence linking anyone to the crime the case goes cold. Eleven years later, an unsuspected twist changes everything.
Mar 14th


Fear grips a small community when a young girl vanishes on her way to school. Local police form a task force with the FBI and together they uncover a nest of sexual predators. The investigation stalls until a brutal crime leads them to the gruesome truth.
Mar 15th

Monsters Among Us

When a brutal mass murder shakes a rural town, the local sheriff's department and the FBI join forces. Then the only two witnesses vanish, and a race against time uncovers a diabolical plot that astonishes even the most hardened investigators.