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A documentary series focusing on British criminals and serial killers.


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Aug 9th

The Richardson Gang

A 1960s group of criminals in South London, England. Less well remembered than their rivals the Krays, they nevertheless had a reputation at their peak as being some of London's most infamous and sadistic gangsters. Also known as the 'Torture Gang', their "speciality" was pinning victims to the floor with 6 inch nails and removing the victims' toes with bolt cutters.
Aug 10th

The A6 murderer

Fred Dinenage investigates the story of the alleged ÔA6 MurdererÕ James Hanratty, and hears the arguments for and against his conviction for murder and rape in an A6 layby.
Aug 16th

Jack the Ripper

In this episode Fred Dinenage examines the legend of ÔJack the RipperÕ. One of LondonÕs most notorious, but still unknown, serial killers.
Aug 17th

Babes in the Wood

This Murder Casebook episode sees Fred Dinenage sensitively investigate the stories behind the victims of serial killer and paedophile Ronald Jebson, speaking to some of those directly affected by his cruel actions against children and hearing criminologist Professor David Wilsons interpretation of his actions.
Aug 23rd

Moors Murders

The coldblooded actions of serial killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley still continue to shock the nation to this day. Fred Dinenage investigates the reasons why these two people made such an impact, and learns how they managed to capture their young victims.
Aug 24th

Armin Meiwes

Fred Dinenage investigates arguably one of the most shocking cases of international cannibalism, by investigating the case of Armin Meivas in Germany.