Heartland Homicide


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Dec 12th

Homicide in Jackson, MI

A young Jackson, Michigan police officer investigates a missing woman and finds that her husband has just had brain surgery and is acting strangely. When the officer follows his instincts and inspects the couple’s restaurant, he finds their kitchen has a become a slaughterhouse. But who could be responsible for such atrocity?
Dec 13th

Homicide in Brandon, MB

When Erin Chorney disappears with a trace suspicion falls on the last person to have seen her, her ex-boyfriend Michael Bridges. After investigator searches come up empty handed, they orchestrate an elaborate Mr. Big sting operation to woo Bridges into
Dec 14th

Homicide in Nashville, MI

On the outskirts of Nashville, Michigan, a small town two hours west of Detroit, Rodney Fancher’s bullet-ridden body has been found in a ditch. The hunt for a killer begins, pulling in police forces from across the state. But with a lack of evidence, suspects, and motive, the case starts to turn cold…until a startling confession untangles an intricate plot woven together by envy, greed, and jealousy.
Dec 15th

Homicide in Gormania, WV

In the small community of Gormania WV, a young female resident, Cathy Ford, receives a mysterious phone call on February 17, 1988. She is reported missing that evening when she doesn’t return home. No one has seen Cathy since but a burnt car, blood soaked trailer and a secret affair all lead to the idea that Cathy Ford did not disappear willingly.
Dec 16th

Homicide in Layland , WV

A family man goes missing in a small West Virginian town known for its sweet mountain air. While his household searches the man’s regular haunts, police get involved -- and when he’s discovered, so are the abominations committed to his corpse. It seems there’s a monster on the loose. As authorities uncover the terrible facts, a community must stand together to protect their own.
Dec 19th

Homicide in Logan, OH

In the small town of Logan, OH., a quiet community known for its annual Washboard Festival, Summer Inman is violently abducted in a back alley behind her work. With multiple eye-witness accounts, investigators quickly zero in on three suspects. But when they refuse to cooperate, the odds of bringing Summer home alive start to look grim.
Dec 20th

Homicide in Dry Prong, LA

Keith is known in his small community as a quiet but a highly skilled artisan who takes good care of his mother. When she becomes mysteriously ill and Keith is not heard from for three weeks, all eyes turn to Keith’s girlfriend. As detectives look deeper into the case, and further into Betty’s background, a final, brutal discovery is uncovered.
Dec 21st

Homicide in Gunnison, CO

On the edge of the Rocky Mountains, near the small town of Gunnison, Colorado, Jake Millison has gone missing. His family isn’t too concerned with his whereabouts, claiming he’s run off before, but Jake’s loyal friends know better
Dec 22nd

Homicide in Eldorado, IL

Dr. Dale Cavaness is revered in his hometown of Eldorado, Illinois, but when his 22-year-old son is slain execution-style, authorities find that the good doctor has some skeletons in the closet. Dr. Dale has had not one, but two sons die by gun shot at the same age. Is this coincidence, or is there a sinister force intent on killing off the Cavaness sons?
Dec 23rd

Homicide in Oakley, KS 

A motel housekeeper in Oakley, Kansas, discovers the body of her co- worker, Alice Pepperl. The room lacks hard evidence to point to any one suspect, but a special coin taken from the cash registered could be all it takes. Even after a suspect confesses, the question of responsibility looms over the town.