Killer Britain


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May 22nd

Mark Martin

As a teen Mark Martin had an unusual ambition. He wanted to be a serial killer, just like the men he admired and loved to read about: The Krays, Donald Neilson, Ian Brady. And Martin had his eye on the perfect victims: the vulnerable homeless people who frequented the lonelier parts of Nottingham.
May 29th

Glyn Dix

Glyn Dix met Hazel while he was serving a life term for a brutal rape and murder. After convincing her he had been framed, the couple fell for one another. But five years after his release from prison, Glyn finally showed Hazel his true colours.
Jun 5th

Stephen Port

Stephen Port was a predator who selected his victims through online dating apps; he took the lives of four young men in East London in just a few short months. The sisters of one victim set out to prove their brother hadn’t died of an overdose as police believed - and in the process they unmasked a serial killer.