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Apr 23rd

Murder in a Wisconsin Field

When a beautiful young teacher was found shot to death in a Wisconsin farm field, police quickly arrested her live-in boyfriend who had waited 18 hours to report her missing. But his Fitbit device proved he was asleep at home the night of the murder and a stranger Nicole met at a heavy metal concert in a local bar became a prime suspect.
Apr 24th

Murder at the Mall

In 1979, 18-year-old Michelle Martinko was found brutally stabbed to death in her car in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. For decades, the police and her family searched for answers -- who did this and why? But the case grew cold. Thirty-nine years later, DNA evidence from the crime scene finally led to a suspect and a murder trial.
Apr 25th

The Farmer's Wife

When Shirley Carter was found murdered in her farmhouse kitchen, her abusive husband Bill was considered a prime suspect. But Bill Carter pointed the finger at someone else--his son Jason. It was up to the jury to decide whom to believe.
Apr 26th

Murder in the Barnyard

In a frantic 911 call as he raced his bleeding wife to the hospital, hog farmer Todd Mullis told dispatchers Amy Mullis accidentally fell on a four-pronged corn rake in their barn. But when investigators found more than four holes in Amy’s body, they knew her death was no accident.
Apr 27th

Murder in Palm Beach County

Florida v. Euri Jenkins. Makeva Jenkins seemed to have it all. A successful businesswoman and mother of three, she boasted on Facebook that she had grown her business to six figures. But just hours later, she was shot dead with a bullet to the head. Her husband, Euri Jenkins, told police a masked intruder had shot and killed his wife. Her close-knit family held a press conference, pleading for information about her killer. But the tale of the happy family fell apart when police arrested her husband in a murder-for-hire plot. Detectives also arrested 19-year-old Joevan Joseph, who told investigators Jenkins had hired him to kill his wife for the life insurance money.
Apr 27th

A Mother’s Secret

Ohio v. Gail Eastwood-Ritchey. In the spring of 1993, two newspaper carriers driving down a rural road spotted what they thought was a doll but which turned out to be, in fact, a newborn baby's body. The coroner would determine that the baby had been born alive; but his origin was a mystery. The community called the baby Geauga's Child, after the name of the county; they made clothes for his funeral and paid for his burial. Despite dozens of leads and even a hidden camera placed at the cemetery in hopes that the child's mother would show up, no arrests were made for 25 years. Then, with modern DNA and familial genealogy techniques, the cold case was solved, identifying the boy's mother as the now middle-aged Gail Eastwood-Ritchey. Years before, as a young unmarried woman, she had delivered the baby, stillborn, and placed his body in a trash bag in a wooded area. After a four-day trial, Eastwood-Richey was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 15 years.
Apr 29th

Mommy is Dead

Charities lavished gifts on Gypsy Lee Blanchard, a sympathetic young girl confined to a wheelchair. The Make-a-wish foundation sent her on trips and Habitat for Humanity built her a home. But it all came to end when her mother was found murdered and Gypsy went missing, leaving her wheelchair behind. As the murder investigation got underway the local Sheriff reported “Things aren’t exactly what they seemed to be”.
Apr 30th

The Pizza Delivery Murder

Ohio v. Erica Stefanko. In a tale of jealousy, betrayal and revenge, 25-year old Ashley Biggs, a single mom and pizza delivery driver, was murdered on a late night run for Dominos. Police arrested her former boyfriend Chad Cobb, saying he killed her over a bitter custody dispute involving their seven-year old daughter. For eight years, Cobb had refused to tell police who had helped him lure Ashley to her death, protecting his then-wife Erica Stefanko. But once he learned that Erica had become romantically involved with his best friend and that she was allegedly abusing his daughter, Cobb revealed Erica’s role in the murder.
May 1st

Murder and The Sex Cam Model

Florida v. Grant Amato. The Amatos were a close knit, middle class family with three professional sons, who enjoyed Florida Gators football games together. So it was a shock when Margaret and Chad Amato and their youngest son Cody were found dead, shot execution-style in their suburban Seminole Florida home. Suspicion quickly turned to middle son Grant, a trained nurse, who had quarrelled with his family over money he had stolen from them to pay for the attentions of a Buglarian sex model on a pay-per-view website. Grant’s high powered public defense team argued that despite the horrific bloody scene there was no blood found on their client and no forensic evidence of any kind linking him to the murders. The drama in the courtroom heightened as Grant’s sole surviving brother, Jason Amato, took the stand.
May 2nd

Murder on the Panhandle

Florida v. Russell Holbrook. The quiet community of Crestview, Florida was shaken following the vicious murder of beautiful 33 year old nurse Melissa Howard, described as a caring angel, found with her throat slashed in her own living room. Friends were immediately suspicious of Melissa’s ex-husband who had just lost a nasty custody battle over their son Taylor but he had a strong alibi. The case remained unsolved for ten years, until Florida State Agent Detective Meaghan Palumbo, newly assigned to the homicide squad, took a personal interest in the cold case. Using modern day forensics, Palumbo re-tested Melissa’s sweatshirt preserved all those years and found clues to lead them to the DNA of her ex-husband’s best friend, Russell Holbrook, and a dramatic trial as witnesses recounted the true story of Melissa’s last days.