About the show

What can possibly motivate children and teenagers to kill someone? This documentary series provides some answers -- and, because of the subject's nature, leaves many questions unanswered -- by crafting in-depth profiles of the lives of kids who commit murder. Using information taken from actual police files, each episode deals with a specific type of murder case -- from gang initiations and murders of family members to school killings and occult ceremonies -- exposes various motives, and compares the judicial response to these crimes in Canada, the U.S., England and France.


Upcoming episodes

May 18th

Stand Out & It Runs In The Family

On Christmas Night, in rural Bigfork, Montana, a local business owner is found brutally gunned down. Police connect the murder to a string of recent local burglaries, attempting to catch the killer before he strikes again, only to find that the true mastermind behind this heinous crime is a hometown hero. While police investigate the murder of a single father, his two teen boys become the prime suspects. As they dig deeper into the horrific crime, a shocking connection to another local murder is revealed.
May 19th

Knight In Shining Armor & Are You Trying To Seduce Me?

On Halloween morning in the small town of Hagerstown, Maryland, the body of a father is discovered in a pool of blood. Police attention turns to the victim's daughter, her Goth friends, and a tragic misunderstanding that destroys three lives. A 31-year-old wife and mother openly engages in an affair with a teenage lover. When her husband is found shot dead in the doorway of their home, police must sort through a tangled web of lies and manipulation to get to the truth.
May 20th

Crazy Love & Double Vision

In 1995, a teenage couple is on their way toward bright careers in the military. But their dreams of a future together end when an infidelity leads the lovers down a twisted path. In 2010, Nikki, mother of identical twin daughters, is found brutally murdered in her Conyers, GA home. DNA evidence provides a shocking conclusion to the police search and one more mystery to unravel.
May 21st

Assassin & The Matrix Kid

In the tiny Chicago suburb of Winnetka, a young married couple is found murdered execution-style inside of their new home. Police pursue a trail that focuses on drugs and a professional hit, but ultimately a tip leads them back to the victims' own neighborhood. In Oakton, Virginia, a teenage boy descends into a state of mental confusion, as his obsession with a violent movie character and violent video games slowly causes his world to become an unfathomable blend of reality and fiction. As his world unravels, he purchases a shotgun with the intent of causing hurt to others.
May 22nd

Southern Belle From Hell & My Best Friend's Girl

In Knoxville, the brutalized body of a female Job Corp student turns up on the University of Tennessee campus. A pentagram is carved into its chest. Police investigation reveals a satanic cult within the Job Corp ranks -- a small group of worshippers led by the most unlikely of suspects. In Fresno, Texas a young man goes missing. As the days turn to weeks and the weeks turn to years, most of the town gives up on ever finding out the truth behind his disappearance. His mother, however, won't give up until she gets to the bottom of what happened on the bleak day he went missing, a decade ago.
May 25th

Pop And Circumstance & Shell Shocked

In deeply rural Bellefontaine, Ohio, police discover six people murdered in two adjacent farmhouses on a 450 acre dairy farm. The victims primarily comprise of three generations of one family. One lone survivor clings to life in intensive care as police desperately attempt to communicate with her to identify the killer. In the gritty urban neighborhood of Northeast, Philadelphia, firemen respond to an abandoned building on fire and find the burned corpse of a nine year old neighborhood girl inside. With no leads for almost a year, the case grows cold until police receive a shocking lead from a brave young girl in the neighborhood.
May 26th

Good Vs. Evil & The Good Son

In Parker, Florida, when a 16-year-old boy goes missing, all signs point to homicide. Suspicion falls upon the boy's girlfriend, a rebellious teen. When the truth is revealed, though, it proves to be both more complicated and more disturbing than anyone would have guessed. When a young couple adopts two newborn babies, they look forward to a happy life, raising their family in peace. Before long, though, their boy begins exhibiting disturbing signs. The parents try desperately to find help for their troubled son, but his issues explode in a frenzy of violence before that help can be secured.
May 27th

Vampire & The Essay

When a group of outsiders including their self-proclaimed vampire leader head down to Florida to pickup a teenaged girl on their way to New Orleans, the girl's parents pay the ultimate price for a fantasy run amok. Peace and love take a backseat to homicide in the story of Rainbow, the teenage son of a hippie mother and a criminal father.
May 28th

Full Metal Jacket & Mommy Issues

When four members of a family are found brutally shot to death in Montvale, New Jersey, the tale told by the family's one surviving son proves that when it comes to murder, there's no place like home. In Jupiter, Florida, police investigating a routine car accident find instead a twisted tale of teenage love and abuse that leads to the scene of a double homicide hundreds of miles away.
May 29th

Ready, Set, Action & What Happens In Vegas..

A beautiful young woman falls victim to two high school classmates, who film what they believe is their murderous path towards immortality. When a Vegas teen tries to get his life in order by breaking away from a group of kids hell bent on being mobsters, he becomes the gang's first victim.