About the show

What can possibly motivate children and teenagers to kill someone? This documentary series provides some answers -- and, because of the subject's nature, leaves many questions unanswered -- by crafting in-depth profiles of the lives of kids who commit murder. Using information taken from actual police files, each episode deals with a specific type of murder case -- from gang initiations and murders of family members to school killings and occult ceremonies -- exposes various motives, and compares the judicial response to these crimes in Canada, the U.S., England and France.


Upcoming episodes

Sep 28th

Full Metal Jacket & Mommy Issues

When four members of a family are found brutally shot to death in Montvale, New Jersey, the tale told by the family's one surviving son proves that when it comes to murder, there's no place like home. In Jupiter, Florida, police investigating a routine car accident find instead a twisted tale of teenage love and abuse that leads to the scene of a double homicide hundreds of miles away.
Sep 29th

Ready, Set, Action & What Happens In Vegas..

A beautiful young woman falls victim to two high school classmates, who film what they believe is their murderous path towards immortality. When a Vegas teen tries to get his life in order by breaking away from a group of kids hell bent on being mobsters, he becomes the gang's first victim.
Sep 30th

One Percent & Why Not?, The

After 17-year-old Steven is arrested for the murder of a young girl, his family posts bail, and Steven is released into their custody. What the family don't foresee is that Steven will lash out once again--this time against his own siblings. When 17-year-old Tyler's drug use spirals out of control, his parents take steps to straighten out their wayward son. Tyler responds by throwing a party--over his parents' dead bodies.
Oct 1st

Rumors & The To-Do List

A teenager experiencing early onset schizophrenia decides that it is his mission to kill everyone in the world, starting with his best friend. In a classic "Mean Girls" tale of haves and have nots in Orinda, CA, a cheerleader turns up dead leaving the whole town to wonder why the mostly likely culprit had an airtight alibi.
Oct 2nd

Tattle Tale Terror & Army Brat

When disapproving parents meet the irresistible force of teenage love, the outcome is homicidal leaving a family in tatters and the teens and their plus one on the run. In Clearfield, PA, a lonely, young girl is hopeful when she is befriended by the Runaway Gang, a group of disaffected teens. But her hope turns to fear and then to terror as the Runaway Gang loses control.
Oct 5th

Redemption/Salt in the Wounds

A terrifying and fascinating journey into the disturbing lives of children who commit acts of murder. Through first hand eyewitness accounts, psychological investigation, and edge of your seat re-enactments, this new series explores what motivates a child to engage in horrific, sometimes unbelievable criminal acts. In this episode, the lives of the Swartz parents come to a shocking end when one of their adoptive sons unexpectedly explodes and goes on a homicidal rampage. Then, when a drug deal goes wrong, two teenage siblings seek revenge by going on a brutal killing spree in a Nevada trailer park.