Killer USA


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May 22nd

Anthony Sowell

Sowell grew up in a family where violence and sexual abuse were the norm but distinguished himself in the military. When his visitors complained of a stench of rotting flesh, he blamed the sausage shop next door….. But the truth was much closer to home. Revealing interrogation recordings show police unpick a mystery which leads them to a house of horrors
May 29th

Thomas Pate

They appeared the perfect Christian couple. Tom and Micah Rine Pate had dated for years before marrying only for Micah to discover Tom’s serial infidelity. Micah’s deeply devout family were unaware the marriage was in tatters so when Micah went missing on a job, they had no reason to suspect Tom. What would it take to reveal the truth and what part would Thomas Pate’s father play in helping uncover what had really happened.
Jun 5th

Jeanine Hannah

Jeannie Miatta may have been prosecuted for theft when working as a nurse in one State, but what did that have to do with Jeanine Hannah, a Nurse in another state? Answer: They were one and the same person. And the carer who got a job visiting elderly patients in their own homes, could not be trusted with her patient’s property...or their lives. With one confirmed murder and suspicions of a second, Jeanine Hannah protests her innocence in a  prison-interview with award-wining reporter, Carolyn Canville.