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A look at high-profile murders and the key error the killers made that led to their arrests.


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Apr 20th

Paul Hutchinson

His mistake was that he forgot, science gets cleverer. His victim, a 16-year old schoolgirl
Apr 21st

Michael Danaher

His mistake was forgetting to turn off a mobile phone. His victim, a donnish, Oxford bookworm
Apr 22nd

Nat Fraser

His Mistake was that he was the bereaved husband who did not cry. His victim, a young mum, his wife
Apr 23rd

Tony McCluskie

His Mistake, a text too farÉ. His victim, a 29-year-old Eastender
Apr 24th

Anaxiang Du

His Mistake was not knowing that buses have cameras, too His victim, a young mother to whom he owed money
Apr 27th

Jessie Matthew

His Mistake was under-estimating advances in detecting DNA His victim, a British student
Apr 28th

Kent McGowen

His mistake, why would a ÔleftieÕ use her right hand to point a gun, and manage to leave no finger prints?
Apr 29th


Anthony Sowell had been in the marine corps, but when he gets out things start to go wrong. He has girlfriend problems, he loses his job, he starts drinking. He is resentful and aggressive with women. Police start to hear that Sowell has attacked women and after one nasty asault he is sent to prison. In 2005 Sowell is released, he was a model prisioner. By 2007 Tony Sowell was living alone in a bad area of Cleveland called Mount Pleasant. He sets about preying on women.Vulnerable women, drug users , prostitutes. Then the police get a call from someone to say a womean has jumped out of Sowells second floor window. The police investigate and find the the bodies of 2 women in the house , then when they look for more they find 11 bodies. Sowell was given the death penalty in 2011.
Apr 30th

William Inmon

Willy Inmon is a 21-year-old who liked to practice shooting on his down-at-heel family ranch deep in the Arizona countryside. He claimed he had served as a soldier in Iraq and he cherished his German heritage claiming that his grandfather was a crack Luftwaffe pilot. The police in Apache county suspected him of murdering a young boy called Ricky Flores. Willy went to the police in Springerville a neighbouring district to ask them to get his local police to leave him alone. That was his big mistake. In the course of a nine hour interview Willy Inmon would confess to three murders, including Ricky Flores.
May 1st

Stephen Port

Stephen Port was a sexual preditor a danger to young men. He found his victims on the internet, lured victims to his flat and then spiked their drinks with drugs rendering them defenceless.The family of one of his victims started to ask questions and Stephen Port became a suspect. In November 2016 Port was found guilty of the murders of four young men. Writing a suicide note for one of his victims was the mistake that finally caught up with him. He will never be released from prison.