The Lady Killers


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Feb 1st

Sabah Kahn

When police attended the home of murdered mother Saima Khan, her distraught sister Sabah insisted it was a burglary gone wrong. But detectives uncovered a more sinister story. Sabah had been having an affair with her sister’s husband Hafeez. When he ended the relationship, Sabah took her revenge on Saima.
Feb 2nd

Susan Warne

John Proctor was a kindly old man. When he was found murdered at home, no one could understand why anyone would wish him harm. But one of his family had a deadly secret. Gripped by a desperate gambling addiction, his niece Susan Warne would do anything for money - even kill.
Feb 3rd

Hannegret Donnelly

Little is known about the secretive life of Hannegret Donnelly. Behind closed doors she dominated her family, schooling her children at home, banning communication with the outside world, ruling through fear. She controlled her husband Christopher with horrific violence, until the day he succumbed to his devastating injuries.
Feb 4th

Zatoon Bibi

Zatoon Bibi and Tanveer Iqbal could have been the perfect match - if they weren’t both already married. Their affair produced two children, and destroyed Bibi’s marriage. But Tanveer broke things off when Bibi got too close to his wife. That’s when Bibi, her ex-husband and their teenage son murdered Tanveer.
Feb 5th

Lakhvir Singh

‘Curry killer’ Lakhvir Singh murdered her long-term lover in a calculated act of revenge. Unbeknownst to her husband and children, she’d been devoted to Lucky Cheema for 16 years. When he became engaged to a much younger woman, Singh decided that if she couldn’t have Lucky, no one could.
Feb 8th

Sabrina Kouider

Shy French au pair Sophie Lionnet suffered months of abuse at the hands of her hosts before she was murdered. Sabrina Kouider and Ouissem Medouni beat, starved and isolated Sophie, accusing her of colluding against them with Kouider’s popstar ex-boyfriend. Eventually they killed her, burning her body in their garden.
Feb 9th

Mahmuda Khatun

Mahmuda Khatun wanted independence, a career, the ability to shape her own destiny. Pushed into a second arranged marriage at the age of 27, she decided to take control of her life. She made an elaborate plan to murder her husband Amin Miah, just 33 days into their marriage.