About the show

Investigators reconstruct the tragic final hours in a murder victim's life in order to crack the case and find the killer.


Upcoming episodes

Mar 15th

A Dangerous Business

A successful vacuum salesman is gunned down outside his Indiana office. As detectives unpack the victimsÕ final 24 hours, all the clues point to a hired hit. But they eventually find the killer much closer to home.
Mar 15th

A Family Matter

Snow plow king Randy Scheffield is shot dead in his bed, and as Ohio detectives look to Randy’s business to establish a motive, it’s the timeline that proves critical—and every minute counts.
Mar 15th

Mad Love

In Portland, Maine, factory worker Cary Scott is relieved to find his missing SUV in a motel parking lot two months after it goes missing. That is, until he discovers the badly decomposed body of his estranged wife, Margarita, in the back seat.
Mar 15th

A Bloody Betrayal

Newlyweds Joe and Olga Connell are gunned down outside their Wilmington, Delaware condo. And the list of suspects soon grows to include Joe’s sister, his business partner, and the outlaw motorcycle gang he befriended while in jail.