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Investigators reconstruct the tragic final hours in a murder victim's life in order to crack the case and find the killer.


Upcoming episodes

Oct 30th

Collateral Damage

After his overnight shift in a blue-collar Michigan town, a man comes home to find his fiancŽe dead in the bedroom of their new home. The discovery of infidelity soon puts the man firmly in the hot seat. But as investigators piece together the victimÕs final 24 hours, they uncover a sinister plot more shocking than they could have imagined.
Nov 2nd

A Family Matter

Snow plow king Randy Scheffield is shot dead in his bed, and as Ohio detectives look to Randy’s business to establish a motive, it’s the timeline that proves critical—and every minute counts.
Nov 3rd

Mad Love

In Portland, Maine, factory worker Cary Scott is relieved to find his missing SUV in a motel parking lot two months after it goes missing. That is, until he discovers the badly decomposed body of his estranged wife, Margarita, in the back seat.
Nov 4th

A Bloody Betrayal

Newlyweds Joe and Olga Connell are gunned down outside their Wilmington, Delaware condo. And the list of suspects soon grows to include Joe’s sister, his business partner, and the outlaw motorcycle gang he befriended while in jail.
Nov 5th

Senseless Slaughter

When a small-town Michigan couple is slaughtered in their own home, the only hard evidence is a trail of footprints in the snow, and the case soon goes cold. That is, until a random tip leads investigators right back to square one.
Nov 6th

A Nightmare Before Christmas

Just days before Christmas, an Ohio man is gunned down in his home. And as detectives narrow the timeline to a mere eight-minute window, they need to determine the identity of a mystery man with a sinister motive.
Nov 9th

Killer Crush

When an Iowa man is gunned down in his sleep, suspicions swirl around his fiancée. But the list of suspects soon expands to include her two ex-boyfriends and a mysterious case of stolen identity.
Nov 10th

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Florida detectives suspect a missing 49-year-old hotelier named Sabine Musil Buehler has been murdered. And in the no-body homicide, narrowing down the timeline proves more critical than ever
Nov 11th

Deadly Puppet Master

As detectives investigate the brutal murder of a Tampa bartender, it’s the victim’s own handwritten notes that break the case wide open, and the team soon closes in on a manipulative predator who cleverly outsourced his cold-blooded ambitions.
Nov 12th

Keep Friends Close, Enemies Closer

A 63-year-old retired Air Force captain is doused with sulfuric acid in the parking lot of a Florida supermarket. Eyewitnesses describe a shirtless attacker in his 30s, and investigators eventually uncover a deadly neighborhood feud and a manipulative mastermind with a barbaric plan.