About the show

Investigators reconstruct the tragic final hours in a murder victim's life in order to crack the case and find the killer.


Upcoming episodes

Aug 6th

Shotgun Sinner

Georgia detectives investigating the timeline of a family involved in a triple shooting find motive in both their failing business and a local meth addict with a grudge. But the discovery of a hidden key ultimately unlocks the secret to the killerÕs sensational identity.
Aug 7th

No Place Like Home

When Diane HolikÕs body is discovered in her Austin, Texas home, detectives are faced with one of the most pristine crime scenes theyÕve ever encountered. They unearth multiple suspects, but only the victimÕs reconstructed timeline can identify the killer.
Aug 10th

No Sleep for the Wicked

When a Louisiana man is shot in his sleep, detectives uncover details of his extracurricular love life and a death policy that promised to pay outÑeven in the event of his murder.
Aug 11th

Real Pet Cemetery

Amid rumors of buried treasure at a Louisiana pet cemetery, the propertyÕs reclusive owner is found wrapped in heavy chains at the bottom of a river. Somebody wanted 60-year-old Dorothy Thompson to disappear off the face of the earth, but it will take over 20 years before police can unlock the timeline mystery that reveals her killer.
Aug 12th

Evil Beasts

When Genora Guillory is brutally murdered in her own home, investigators find several suspects on the Louisiana womanÕs final 24-hour timeline. Unable to pin anyone down, the case goes coldÉ until a witness comes forward with the inside story of Ôthe perfect murder.Õ
Aug 13th

Out of Control

When firefighters in Arlington, Texas, extinguish the flames of an apartment fire, they discover the charred remains of 19-year-old Missy Grubaugh. Several of her restaurant coworkers soon come under scrutiny, and Detectives must use the timeline to determine which one of them is the killer.
Aug 14th

Target of Hate

When a nursing student is shot dead outside a Houston community college, the search is on for a brazen shooter in a red car. Detectives retrace the last 24 hours of the victimÕs life, and unearth a number of potential suspects. But the entire case hinges on finding the getaway vehicle and tying the killer to the car.
Aug 17th

Red River

The body of a 16-year-old high school cheerleader is found floating in a river bordering Texas and Oklahoma. The police investigation unearths several promising suspects, before an unexpected break points to a killer already in their midst.
Aug 18th

Unforgivable Sin

Popular newlyweds Rick and Gail Brink are shot execution-style in their Michigan home. But it will take 25 years before investigators uncover a flaw in the timeline that convinces them of the killerÕs guilt.
Aug 19th

Collateral Damage

After his overnight shift in a blue-collar Michigan town, a man comes home to find his fiancŽe dead in the bedroom of their new home. The discovery of infidelity soon puts the man firmly in the hot seat. But as investigators piece together the victimÕs final 24 hours, they uncover a sinister plot more shocking than they could have imagined.