About the show

Investigators reconstruct the tragic final hours in a murder victim's life in order to crack the case and find the killer.


Upcoming episodes

Apr 23rd

Three Times to Harm

While investigating the execution-style slaying of a retired Colorado mortgage broker, detectives put his nearest and dearest under the microscope.
Apr 24th

The Business of Murder

When a Missouri insurance salesman is gunned down, the suspects include his jilted wife, a secret lover, and a laundry list of high-risk clients.
Apr 25th

Dark Side of the Coin

When a wealthy Missouri couple is violently murdered, the key to catching the killer lies in retracing a missing jar of rare coins
Apr 26th

Evil in the Basement

While investigating the violent stabbing death of a 16-year-old girl, Idaho investigators uncover a grizzly plot pulled straight from a horror movie.
Apr 26th

Road Trip to Murder

When a young couple is gunned down in broad daylight, detectives in northern New York search for the cold-blooded mastermind of a very personal crime.
Apr 26th

To Stalk a Co-Ed

In a Texas college town, 20-year-old freshman Jenna Verhaalen is brutally strangled to death in her off-campus apartment.
Apr 27th

A Lady's Weapon

When a loving grandmother dies suddenly of a mysterious illness, detectives in a suburban New York town uncover a nearly perfect crime.
Apr 30th

The Burner Phone Conspiracy

The body of an Oklahoma cab driver is found in the trunk of his car, and tracking down the killer puts homicide investigators to the test.
May 1st

A Callous Disregard for Life

In the abduction and murder of father and successful Hasidic businessman, Brooklyn police uncover a mountain of debt and plenty of potential suspects.
May 2nd

Admit the Affair, Deny the Murder

After a Missouri college student is brutally murdered, detectives receive an anonymous tip that turns the college town upside down.