Made for Murder


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Feb 7th

Thomas Dunkley

Boxer Shaun “the Governor” Cummins was a big name in his hometown. When he was paralysed in an accident fellow fighter, Thomas Dunkley, became Shaun’s friend and carer. Shaun promised to make him rich, but payday never came, and Dunkley took what he thought was rightfully his.
Feb 8th

Glyn Dix

Glyn Dix met Hazel while he was serving a life term for a brutal rape and murder. After convincing her he had been framed, the couple fell for one another. But five years after his release from prison, Glyn finally showed Hazel his true colours.
Feb 9th

Hannagret Donnelly

Hannegret Donnelly led a secretive life. Behind closed doors she dominated her family, banning communication with the outside world and ruling through fear. She controlled her husband Christopher with horrific violence, until the day he succumbed to his devastating injuries.
Feb 10th

Ian Paton

Ian Paton had a history of aggression, not only towards partners but also friends. His girlfriend Kayleigh Hanks was no different. The couple dreamed of making a family together, but not even fatherhood could curb his controlling and violent ways.
Feb 11th

David Roustoby

Yorkshireman David Clarke met a mysterious and violent end, which devastated his family. For over a decade David Roustoby - his aggressive and unpredictable neighbour - believed for that he had committed a perfect murder, but justice would be served.
Feb 14th

Stephen Hough

As a teenager Stephen Hough lied and manipulated his way out of facing justice for an horrific crime. It would take forty years for detectives to bring him to justice, when they would discover his evil deeds had continued long into adulthood.
Feb 15th

Aylyssa Bustamante

Teenage goth Alyssa Bustamante boasted about cutting and killing, but no one predicted she would make her fantasies come true. A diary found by detectives exposed the troubled mind that caused a young girl to kill for the thrill of it.
Feb 16th

William Devin Howell

William Devin Howell grew up with a skewed view of women. Some were good and worthy of respect. Others were bad, and would be better off dead. As he drove the streets of New Britain, Connecticut in a van he called “the murder mobile”, it was those women he targeted.
Feb 17th

Georgina Henshaw

Georgina Henshaw saw men as something to be used and thrown away. Colleague Philip Rolph thought Henshaw might one day marry him, but she was more interested in the cash, cigarettes and alcohol he gave her. And when he started refusing her demands, Georgina showed him her true colours.
Feb 18th

Anthony Shore

Anthony Shore had a troubled childhood, but nothing that would explain how, even as a child, he committed acts of shocking depravity. As he reached adulthood, his violent, deviant behaviour only escalated. How long before his crimes were linked and exposed?