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Real stories about the brilliant but deceptive masterminds behind amazing deceptions and seemingly impossible capers. Shot in some of the most exotic locations around the world, Masterminds focuses on the deceivers and their ambitious plots.


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Oct 31st

Stopwatch Heist, The

Paddy Mitchell and his crew were dubbed the ‘Stopwatch Gang’ because they never took over 90 seconds to do a job. Mitchell was a fixture on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List, masterminding over 140 heists during the course of a decade. This episode focuses on Mitchell’s greatest heist at a Bank of America branch in San Diego.
Oct 31st

King Of Car Thieves, The

During the 1990s, Bill Dhaliwhal and his elite car theft ring made millions stealing high-end cars and selling them to unsuspecting buyers across North America. Using computers and lasers he overcomes the auto industry’s complex security systems and manages to get away with it for years.
Oct 31st

Safe Landing

Flying in a private plane, a sophisticated gang knocks off jewelry stores beating electronic security systems and armor plated safes. The specialized team includes a former Palm Beach County detective, an expert pilot, a private investigator, a master safecracker, and a professional jeweler. In one year, they steal over $1 million dollars in cash and jewels. Over 10 years, it’s estimated their take is over $6 million.
Oct 31st

A Man called Hollywood

On Thanksgiving evening, 1996, in Seattle, a gang of robbers made off with $1.08 million. The man behind the heist was known as "Hollywood." He had eluded police for four years while robbing 18 banks. He left very few clues and Seattle in the 90's was an ideal place to rob banks as bank branches multiplied to service the high-tech gold rush, and its new millionaires. But this would be his last stickup.
Nov 1st

Double Crossed

She said she was the half sister of swimsuit model Kathy Ireland and the niece of billionaire Donald Trump. The five-foot-nine blond supermodel captivated the town of Colorado Springs and convinced a mayor to throw a parade in her honor. She was glamorous, she was sophisticated and, as they all would eventually learn, she was an African-American man. Among other things, he is accused of passing $185,000 in bad checks, some of which were created on a home computer, and pocketing $30,000. If convicted on all counts, the 37-year-old could spend the next 31 years in prison.
Nov 1st

The James Bond Game

Using a customized bmw with hidden compartments and an oil sprayer that sends pursuers spinning out of control, the james bond gang knock off mansions in the new york city area. The brazen gang - all classmates from the same new jersey high school - disable sophisticated alarm systems and getaway with millions in jewels in a matter of minutes. A two-year man hunt is launched to try and track down the gang that gets away in style.
Nov 1st

Friday Night Robber

Just as tellers were getting ready for the weekend, he struck. In less than two minutes the friday night robber would enter a bank, leap over the counter, gather up cash, and then disappear. Police in pennsylvania, maryland, and delaware couldn’t identify him or figure out a way to stop him.
Nov 1st

The Jewelry Show Job

A gang of thieves top off a spree of robberies with a hit at clever and bold location - the columbus, ohio hotel that was hosting a national jeweler’s convention. The gang broke into the hotel’s safety deposit boxes and got away with $1.5 million in jewels.
Nov 1st

Dublin Job, The

The Russborough House, a sprawling mansion on the outskirts of Dublin, houses one of the world's largest and finest private art collections. Early one Spring morning, police are called to the house. Someone has stolen more than half of the collection. Police find little evidence of a break-in other than a mysterious row of stakes with white plastic bags wrapped around the top of them. It would take investigators years to figure out that the man behind the daring heist is Martin Cahill, a notorious Dublin thief who they never suspected would hit a target like Russborough.
Nov 1st

Kansas City Diamond Heist, The

It was the biggest jewel robbery in Kansas City's history. A gang wearing Halloween masks and overalls burst into the city's fanciest jewelry store and stole $2.5 million in jewels, including one diamond worth $92,000 alone. At the time, nobody would have guessed it was the brainchild of a charismatic local man who was on his way to becoming a Kansas City legend.