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Real stories about the brilliant but deceptive masterminds behind amazing deceptions and seemingly impossible capers. Shot in some of the most exotic locations around the world, Masterminds focuses on the deceivers and their ambitious plots.


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Aug 8th

Dinner Set Gang, The

Peter Salerno stole millions out of the bedrooms of the rich and famous often while they were at home. Salerno fashioned his own tools to break into windows and doors. He also carefully planned his escapes using blueprints of the mansions to plot his routes. His largest heist was the night he relieved an heir of the DuPont fortune of over a million dollars in gems and cash and he did it while the family was downstairs eating dinner! Salerno evaded capture for nearly twenty-five years before slipping up late in his career at a burglary in Connecticut.
Aug 8th

The Riviera Job

In 1976, the societe generale was the bank of choice for high society on the french riviera. It contained more gold, money and gems than the top ten banks in paris. Buried deep underground and with four foot thick walls of reinforced concrete, even the most daring of criminals knew it was impregnable. That was until albert spaggiari came to town and pulled off europe's greatest bank heist.
Aug 8th

The Hotel Pierre Heist

New year's eve, 1972. Bobby comfort and four accomplices loot new york’s lavish pierre hotel. They get away with $10 million in gems and cash in 2 ½ hours – the largest hotel heist ever.
Aug 8th

The Perfect Score

William smarto was not only a great hairdresser, he was one of america’s most ingenious burglars. After months of planning, smarto slid into a crawl space behind a series of safety deposit boxes at a first national bank in illinois. He hid there until the bank closed, and then in the middle of the night, took the bank for well over a million dollars in cash and jewelry.
Aug 9th

Halloween Heist, The

Every year the Southwest Bank in Durango, CO hosts a Halloween costume party for employees and customers. In 1997, an univited guest showed up. He and his sexy accomplice locked everyone in the vault and fled with more than $300,000 in cash. Former pro baseball player, Craig Pritchert and Nova Guthrie, a pre-med student, used Crazy Glue, electronic voice changers, and old-fashioned charm to pull off a string of bank robberies that baffled authorities across the Southwest.
Aug 9th

Cleaning House

During the late 70’s, Carrie Lee Jenkins was the beautiful mastermind behind a sophisticated team of thieves masquerading as maids to the super rich. Using elaborate planning and deception, she and her small crew stole more than $5 million in jewels, gold and cash from unsuspecting homeowners - until a NY socialite’s obsession with the case ultimately led to Jenkins’s demise.
Aug 9th

The Berlin Heist

German police respond to a hostage takeover at a bank in a wealthy Berlin suburb. They negotiate with Mastermind Khaled Al Bazari, for more than 15 hours before delivering $4 million in ransom money. What the police didn’t realize was that Bazari and his team had spent the last 16 months painstakingly digging a tunnel by hand from their headquarters to the bank. Using skateboards to haul $11 million in cash and jewels through the tunnel, they pull off a heist for the ages.
Aug 9th

Money Bags

Maurizio Percan, the mastermind of the most sophisticated auto-parts theft ring in American history, netted $14 million in 3 years while dealing only in stolen airbags. Brash and audacious, Percan set up an elaborate front for his operation an auto parts store in the Bronx that played by the book. Percan fooled police for years while operating a business that stole more than 5000 cars every year. He became so successful that he was even able to drive up the market for his own product and sold airbags to customers he’d stolen from. After half a dozen attempts to get close to him, investigators finally nabbed Percan on his honeymoon in Hawaii.
Aug 9th

Foul Ball

For over five years, wayne bray and his associates flooded the billion dollar sports memorabilia market with counterfeit merchandise and made tens of millions. His wide-ranging enterprise created virtually undetectable fakes and sold them to unwitting fans, retailers, and collectors around the world. To this day, it remains the largest sports memorabilia scam in american history.
Aug 9th

Money Maker

University-educated wesley weber ran the most successful counterfeiting operation in canada—while still in his early twenties. He produced foolproof counterfeits using his home computer, and pumped over 20 million dollars’ worth of fakes into the economy. Police got on the trail and tracked him around the country. Thanks to him, most stores in canada refuse to accept $100 bills to this day.