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Apr 18th


Stephen and Anne Searle were the grandparents at the helm of a large, close-knit family. But far from enjoying their later years together, Stephen was having a sordid affair, and Anne had been pushed to drink by her husband’s controlling behaviour. Neither was destined to enjoy a peaceful retirement.
Apr 18th


Ann Marie and Anthony Anastasi had four children, a big house on a desirable street… and a younger lover living in their basement. It was a toxic love triangle, and one that was destined to end in tragedy. And when it did, it would take down more than just that
Apr 18th


The Donnelly family’s neighbours knew they were unusual. Christopher, a music teacher, and Hannegret, a former midwife, were rarely seen outside the house. The children were home-schooled; banned from having phones or computer games. But no one could guess the violence taking place within their home - until it was too late.
Apr 18th


Ian and Sally Lawrence were a glamorous couple. He, a pilot, she, successful businesswoman, they looked like they had it all. But their marriage suffered when Ian’s star started to fall just as Sally’s career rocketed. And when the couple suffered a terrible car crash, only one came out alive.
Apr 19th


Paul Novak was a thrill-seeking paramedic who loved the hustle and bustle of the city. His wife Catherine was a homemaker and volunteer who preferred small town life. Unable to reconcile their differences, Paul decided it was time to plan the perfect crime.
Apr 20th


Raneem Oudeh came to the UK from Syria to escape war; she looked forward to a brighter future for herself and her little boy. Everything was falling into place, until she met Janbaz Tarin, a man with dark secrets, who saw no boundary between love, obsession, and extreme violence.
Apr 21st


Kelly and George Worgan looked like the perfect parents, playing happy families on Facebook with pictures of days out and shopping trips. Behind closed doors though, they had financial struggles, and rows about the in-laws. When their marriage ended in murder, no one saw it coming.
Apr 22nd


George Young worked his fingers to the bone to give his loved ones a better future: his wife Tia, their three sons, even his friend Tim Lee, who was down on his luck. How was this generosity repaid? With deception, infidelity, and a plot to cash in on his death.
Apr 23rd


Bob Poynter was old enough to be Chacey Tyler-Mormon’s father. And he was married. But those were minor obstacles in her scheme to get a strong, dependable husband. But when their romance hit the skids, Chacey enlisted yet another of her lovers to help bring the marriage to a brutal end.
Apr 25th


High profile politician Kathy Augustine married nurse Chaz Higgs after a whirlwind romance. They were an unlikely match: she was wildly ambitious, while he hated politics. When their marriage hit the rocks, Chaz decided to use his medical training to commit an undetectable crime.