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Jun 20th


When Chris Regan started dating coworker Kelly Cochran, he knew she was married. But he had no idea of the deadly wedding day pact she had made with husband Jason. Chris had become entangled in a love triangle that would see not one, but two people lose their lives.
Jun 20th


Amin Miah wanted a devout, homely wife to start a family with. Mahmuda Khatun wanted a career, a social life - and her family off her back. It was not the recipe for a happy marriage. Their differences irreconcilable, one of them would choose the violent way out.
Jun 20th


Lisa and Thomas Infante were childhood sweethearts who grew up on the same street. It seemed inevitable they would end up together. But their marriage was volatile, their family life marred by angry outbursts. And when one of them found love elsewhere, the consequences would be fatal.
Jun 20th


The women in Malcolm Webster’s life seemed prone to terrible bad luck. One died in a freak car crash. Another suffered a mysterious illness that left her sleepy and confused. A third, a keen sailor, found her life jacket punctured. How long before police realised this was more than a coincidence?
Jun 21st


Melanie and David Clark’s marriage was the definition of toxic. He was controlling and would scream when someone rearranged his colour-coded shirts. She had affairs, and taunted him about the size of his manhood. They seemed unable to tear themselves apart - until one violent incident ended their marriage for good.
Jun 22nd


Arlene McInnes and Nat Fraser had a whirlwind romance, marrying and having their first child within 18 months of meeting. Arlene was flattered that this ‘local hero’ wanted to be with her… until he revealed himself as a womanising, violent bully. When she rebelled against his control, he hatched a meticulous plot to punish her.
Jun 23rd


Brian and Carla Burns were both medics in their forties when they met and fell in love. But married bliss didn’t last, and divorce proceedings were drawn out and bitter. Carla disappeared, and fingers pointed at Brian, but he was ready with an explanation so bizarre, it could almost be true.
Jun 24th


Lois and David Riess were grandparents, business owners, upstanding members of a small town community. Lois was also a gambling addict who would do anything to feed her habit. Husband David became the first victim on a murderous rampage that earned Lois the infamous title of America’s most wanted grandmother.
Jun 25th


Tiffany and Keland Hill were military veterans with a shining service history. But while mum of three Tiffany still lived to serve, Keland lived simply to control, stalk and terrorise his wife. He was known to be extremely violent, but no one predicted his final act of brutality.
Jun 27th


Stephen and Anne Searle were the grandparents at the helm of a large, close-knit family. But far from enjoying their later years together, Stephen was having a sordid affair, and Anne had been pushed to drink by her husband’s controlling behaviour. Neither was destined to enjoy a peaceful retirement.