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Mar 1st

Invisible Death

Poison is an almost invisible form of death, and toxicologists must look for hidden clues in blood and tissue to bring these murders to light.
Mar 1st

Marked for Death

Sometimes killers are careful to leave no fingerprints behind. But methods of the murder itself can leave a lasting impression on police, especially when the tools (or weapons) of a killer’s trade leave an innocent victim marked for death.
Mar 1st

Fatal Abduction

Anytime, anywhere, people disappear - kidnapped from their daily routines. Predators always leave clues behind, but chasing them takes time, hampering investigators’ attempts to solve these fatal abductions.
Mar 1st

Medical Examiner's Casebook

Some killers choose to hide their victims - and investigators must then rely on forensic examiners to uncover proof of murder – these are just two extraordinary crimes that have made their way into the medical examiner’s casebook.
Mar 2nd

To Kill Again

Some people do get away with murder…at least for a while. Flush with their success, serial killers murder again and again. But each time they kill, they leave behind a few more clues, which ultimately lead to their capture.
Mar 2nd

Written in Bone

At the scene of a murder, sometimes the victim provides the only clues to their killer. Forensic anthropologists use skeletal remains to decipher the clues written in the bones.
Mar 2nd

Cold Blooded

Time of death is an important consideration in a murder investigation, but when a killer freezes, burns, or grinds his victim, even the most skilled medical examiner would be at a loss about how to calculate it. Forensics has its own techniques to foil a killer's plans to halt an investigation.
Mar 2nd

Fatal Error

Accidental deaths, suicides, disappearances, and fires; they're an everyday part of an insurance investigator's life. But cases shouldn't be taken at face value. Forensics has become a tool for exposing insurance fraud.
Mar 2nd

Dead in the Water

Drowning deaths often look like accidents and water can destroy the scant clues the killer may have left behind. Investigators must turn to forensic science to solve cases where the victim is found dead in the water.
Mar 3rd

Scent of the Kill

A dog can be a dead man's best friend. Dogs have been trained to sniff out corpses, drugs, explosives, and missing persons. They're often the first to find the essential clue that sets an investigation in motion.