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Sep 29th

Stolen Youth

A man calls 911 and reports that his 9-year-old daughter has disappeared from their front yard. Police search the neighborhood and surrounding area, but find no trace of the little girl. Searching the house for clues, police grow suspicious when they discover small amounts of the girl’s blood on her bed sheets. Investigators also come to find that the girl’s mother also disappeared without a trace several years earlier. Additional clues are found, all pointing to the young girl’s father as her killer, until finally, the child’s body is found, wrapped in a bag with her father’s prints all over it.
Sep 29th

Cold Cases

These cases took a decade or more to solve. There’s no statute of limitations on murder. As a case turns cold, the clues become scarce, investigators must rely on science to close cold cases.
Sep 29th

Family Plots

Every family has its secrets, and sometimes blood relations lead to bloodshed. When murder becomes a family affair, investigators must turn to forensics to uncover family plots.
Sep 30th

Loved to Death

A russian woman is found nude and dead in the bathtub in her toronto apartment. Homicide detectives process the apartment, and transport the woman to the medical examiner’s office. An autopsy is performed, and a forensic odontologist is brought in, as teeth marks were discovered on the woman’s body. The teeth marks were analyzed, and samples were taken. The woman appeared to have several boyfriends, all of whom were questioned, and had teeth molds made to attempt to match to the bite marks on the woman’s body. A perfect match was found, the only evidence linking the man to the murder.
Sep 30th

Written in Blood

A man calls 911 claiming his wife fell down the stairs and died. Rescue workers respond, and do indeed find the woman dead at the base of the stairs. There is a large amount of blood on and around the body. The medical examiner concludes the woman died as a result of a blunt force trauma, and begins the search for a murder weapon. Blood spatter also proves the woman was beaten before she fell, or was placed at the base of the stairs. The man’s prints are found on a champagne bottle, but not the glasses, leading investigators to believe he beat his wife with the bottle. Blood spatter is found on most of the man’s clothing, proving he beat his wife to death.
Sep 30th

Critical Evidence

A man discovers skeletal remains lying just outside the african lion safari section of an ontario zoo. An anthropologist assisted forensics professionals in the autopsy to help determine cause of death. The team searching for the victim’s identity employed a bizarre technique of re-hydration to attempt to lift a fingerprint. Once the victim had a name, authorities would have to piece together the cause of death.
Sep 30th

Fatal Twist

A real estate agent is found beaten and strangled in the basement of a home that was for sale. Police and crime techs find boot and finger prints on the woman’s body. The agent’s car is searched; a pad with her name on it reveals a fingerprint. Some of the agent’s jewelry had been pawned, and investigators link fingerprints from the jewelry to those found on the victim, and a massive search is undertaken for the murderers.
Sep 30th


An 18-year-old girl is found raped and strangled in a harlem stairwell. Dna is collected from the victim’s body and is compared to that of other rape suspects being held in jail; it doesn’t match. Another girl with a similar description is found dead, and police feel they have a serial killer on their hands. A man’s name is found from the phone records of one of the victims, and authorities would have to attempt to obtain dna sample from the man to prove his guilt.
Oct 1st

Soldier Stories

This show profiles the work of world-renowned forensic experts as they work to tell the stories of the young men who went to war (from the french and indian war to vietnam) and never came back.
Oct 1st

Dead Men Do Talk

Profiles the work of world-renowned forensic experts and the procedures they use to solve murders and other mysteries in minutes or centuries after they happen.