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May 25th

Fatal Impressions

A former fort worth police officer calls 911 late one evening. Emergency personnel respond to find his wife on their bed, dead from a gunshot wound to the chest, which her husband claims was self inflicted. Ballistic tests, fingerprint analysis and polygraph tests are inconclusive, finally blood splatter experts must be used before accusing the ex-cop with the death of his wife.
May 25th

Misplaced Loyalty

The berkeley, california fire department responds to a house fire in the early morning hours of june 25, 1994. Firefighters discover the body of a 59-year-old woman near the fireplace. Her body had been badly burned and investigators speculated her death was accidental, though an autopsy suggested otherwise. Also discovered, was the fact that the deceased’s best friend and personal manager had recently cleaned out her bank account, suggesting investigators now had a homicide on their hands.
May 25th

Killing Time

A motel clerk is found dead, lying on the lobby floor. Police arrive to find the body partially burned, as well as a bloody palm print and most of a fingerprint. Surveillance tapes from surrounding businesses are collected, as well as fingerprints of over a hundred people for elimination purposes. Police are finally led to an ex-motel employee.
May 25th

Silent Killers

A young man goes missing, and his live in girlfriend reveals she had last seen him after the two had an argument concerning money. Soon after, a human torso is found; the arms, legs and head had been removed. Toxicology testing showed evidence of a potentially fatal amount of morphine present in the body. Investigators question the girlfriend, and find she had just taken out a $150,000 life insurance policy on her boyfriend.
May 25th

Out to Kill

Blood was found on the ground in front of an abandoned vehicle that police learn was driven by a college woman. The victim’s body was found in a neighborhood away from the vehicle. Tire impressions are taken, as well as other evidence. Investigators receive a tip about a man with a history of impersonating police officers. Investigators take tire samples of the man’s car, and find blood matching that of the dead woman. Dna samples from the man also match those found in the victim.
May 26th

Raw Greed

Two men are found dead, beaten to death in the bar where they work. They had both sustained multiple blows to the head. A safe from the bar was missing, as well as the money from a cigarette machine that had been pried open. A local television station received an anonymous letter about the murders, though no fingerprints are obtained from it. Witnesses tell police of a man who frequents the bar, and investigators arrest him on unrelated charges. A search of his home and vehicle turn up several objects, including a tire iron, which lab tests conclude was the same object used to pry open the cigarette machine. Handwriting analysis also links the man to the letter. He is sentenced to consecutive life terms for the murders.
May 26th

Random Targets

Most victims of multiple murderers are meticulously chosen because of a mutual connection with the killer or because they match an intricate set of criteria that fits the killer’s mo. The most frightening cases of murder occur when the killer appears to choose victims at random, without an apparent connection.
May 26th

Grave Secrets

Killers often attempt to deflect attention away from their crimes by hiding the remains of their victims. Bodies may lay hidden for years before they are discovered. That’s when forensic scientists are called upon to reveal hidden clues that lead investigators to the killers.
May 26th

At Close Range

When a victim is gunned down at point-blank range, police often assume that a friend or acquaintance is to blame. After all, it is difficult for a stranger to commit an assault at such close range. Follow investigators as they use clues to track down the most unlikely of killers.
May 26th

Lethal Encounter

In most homicides, police rely on motive to pursue a murderer.But when the killer is a stranger…the crime may go unsolved for years.It takes a full arsenal of forensic techniques…to trace… a lethal encounter.