Paranormal Survivor


Upcoming episodes

Mar 2nd

Dark Dreams

Carly Hall is haunted by evil spirits from her nightmares, a couple are attacked by a demon in their dreams, and Ivan Latendresse is by ghosts that implore him to hurt others and take his own life.
Mar 5th

Sixth Sense

Missie Hornbeck is tormented by terrifying apparitions, a teenager is horribly attacked by a demonic beast, and Rocky Primiani experiences frightening encounters with the afterlife.
Mar 6th

Territorial Ghosts

Chris Houston is haunted by an evil ghost boy, a farmhouse is cursed by the presence of dark entities, and something dangerously demonic lurks in Bonnie Shukofksy’s home.
Mar 7th

Historical Horror

Josie Haas is horrified to discover that the evil spirit of a bootlegger has followed her home, and Felicia Sills unleashes something terrifying when she unearths a Civil War era ring.
Mar 8th

Evil Intent

A monster stalks and attacks Frank Miller, a couple become the victims of paranormal activity that turns dangerously violent, and Holly Buffington is terrorized by the ghost of her ex-husband who refuses to rest in peace.
Mar 9th

Terrifying Spirits

Paranormal activity in Lisa Blakely’s home puts her son in danger’s way, a shadowy figure terrorizes a young boy, and Micky Bailey falls victim to an evil spirit intent on inflicting harm.
Mar 12th

Possessed Objects

Normal people are plagued by entities, who lay claim to their possessions.
Mar 13th

Don’t Invite Them In

It is never a good idea to invite ghosts to enter your life, as these members of the public found out.
Mar 14th

Ghost Children

Being haunted by a ghost child is often a sign of much worse things to come.
Mar 15th

Spirit Protectors

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if the spirit haunting you is an evil entity… or a protective ghost.