Paranormal Survivor


Upcoming episodes

May 25th

Territorial Spirits

When spirits think you’re intruding on their turf, all hell can break loose.
May 28th

When Spirits Talk

Terrifying messages from beyond the grave leave ordinary people fearing for their safety.
May 29th

Ghost Soldiers

Families are devastated when their loved ones die at war, but sometimes the soldiers’ spirits come back to visit the living.
May 30th

Evil Messengers

Messages from the spirit world are frightening enough to receive, but when the entity has an evil intent, the results can be truly terrifying.
May 31st

Multiple Witnesses

When one person sees a ghost, it could just be a tall tale. But when multiple people see the same spirit? That’s proof of the existence of an entity.
Jun 1st

Skeptic Turned Believers

When presented with irrefutable evidence in their homes of the dark side, people skeptical of the paranormal are forced to become believers.