Poisonous Liaisons

About the show

Poison has long been a weapon of choice, in cases of defence, to gain inheritance and for revenge in crimes of passion. We trace both the history and the science of poison in connection with modern crimes.


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Aug 17th

Killing Them Softly

Richard Overton led a double life, marrying whilst already married. It’s a scam he led for a year and a half, but his downfall led to divorce from his first wife and an annulment from his second. Around 20 years later when his third wife collapsed and died, Overton was once again playing the double act: his wife’s cause of death was recorded as “unknown”, but he knew different. He stated they had a loving relationship, when in fact, he’d been slowly poisoning her to death. His undoing came in the form of a floppy disk and fragments of a secret and encrypted diary.
Aug 18th

Deluded Trust

One Saturday in July 2006, prominent Nevada state politician Kathy Augustine, was supposed to attend a political fundraiser, but she never showed up. She lay dying in her bedroom. Her husband, Chaz Higgs, may have thought he’d planned a perfect murder, but the former US Navy medic, turned nurse, came to learn that loose lips do indeed sink ships.
Aug 19th

Lethal Lovers

Ellie Tran’s ex-boyfriend, Joseph Merlino III was an aggressive and ruthless poisoner. He chose to take the life of the mother of his daughter by attacking her in the driveway of her home with a syringe filled with cyanide – on Valentine’s Day. A brutal and callous assault leaving Ellie to die a horrid death and her family devastated. Merlino’s computer revealed searches on cyanide and also coded messages in an attempt to set up an alibi, but the police saw through his facade.
Aug 24th

Wives and Lies

Audrey Marie Hilley’s husband, Frank Hilley, supposedly died of infectious hepatitis in 1975. He had been ill for some time, but because his symptoms aligned with hepatitis, no tests for poison were carried out. Audrey Marie’s daughter then became ill – eventually her physician suspected heavy metal poisoning. By now, Audrey Marie Hilley was on the run, eluding police for several years during which time she remarried and faked her own death, but the net closed in. Hilley became the model prisoner and was granted a 3 day leave pass – disappearing again. This time she was captured after four days hiding in the woods in cold temperatures and pouring rain – muddy and incoherent she passed out, delivering the final chapter in a twisted tale.
Aug 25th

Double Deceit

When Orange County detective, Yvonne Shull, opened up Linda Curry’s cold case file, it began a seven year journey into the toxic machinations of a consummate liar. Linda Curry’s family were certain the murderer was her husband – they believed he had been slowly poisoning her to death. They were right. The determined cold case homicide investigator proved that if you’re a suspect, always be looking over your shoulder, because someone is going to be out there looking for you.
Aug 26th

Concealing the Truth

Larry McNabney was murdered in September, 2001, but his death was so well concealed that no one reported him missing for almost three months. When Larry first met “Elisa Redelsperger”, she already had a long history of credit card fraud and an extensive list of aliases, but within six months of working for Larry in his law firm, they were married. It was no accident that Elisa met Larry – he was a high profile lawyer and she needed to re-invent herself – only this eventually came at the cost of Larry’s life in an unexpected series of macabre events where his body was stored in a refrigerator, before being dragged to a vineyard to rest, for a short while, in a shallow grave.