About the show

Exploring high-profile murder cases from the perspective of the medical examiner, as they work alongside homicide detectives to bring justice to the victims and their families.


Upcoming episodes

Sep 27th

A Taste for Murder

The bodies of three young women are discovered in Washington State. And though it’s clear there’s a serial killer on the loose, it will take a missing ring, traces of blood, and a coroner’s expertise to tie the crimes together.
Sep 28th

Dark Waters

When a leg washes ashore in Lake Ontario, detectives suspect a fellow police officer committed a heinous murder. It’s up to the medical examiner to link him to the severed leg and prove it was a homicide.
Sep 29th

Married to Murder

A Filipina mail-order bride and mother goes missing in Texas. Detectives suspect her husband when they learn both his ex-wives died under suspicious circumstances.
Sep 30th

Intent to Kill

When a human skull is discovered at a Boy Scout camp in Missouri, detectives struggle to connect the dots. Until a renowned forensic pathologist joins the team, and the dead woman begins to tell her own story from beyond the grave.
Oct 1st

Killer on Campus

Alabama police are obsessed with the execution-style shooting of an all-American college student. But it will take decades before a cutting-edge forensic facility leads them to a shocking conclusion.