About the show

Series that transports viewers into a steamy, Southern subculture of charming drawls, lavish lifestyles -- and dark, despicable deeds; hosted by actress Shanna Forrestall, a native belle of Louisiana, the salacious stories give another meaning to things that "go south"; the series features re-enactments of crimes committed by the least expected -- families with respected reputations and people with long-standing values to uphold.


Upcoming episodes

Sep 29th

Kissing Cousins

Whenever extended families get together, thereÕs bound to be a little tension. But when two kissing cousins start carrying on, their scandalous relationship will end with nine people dead and a community that will never be the same.
Oct 2nd

Fatal Belle

As a child, Pat Allanson was given whatever her pretty little heart desired. So when she set her mind on becoming the next Scarlett OÕHara, living in her own Tara with Rhett Butler himself, she just assumed she would have it. But when it looked like Pat m
Oct 3rd

Catch Me if You Can

When a beautiful young woman is killed in her apartment, Raleigh police must play a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse to obtain a DNA sample from her suspected murderer.
Oct 4th

Terror in the Tar Heel State

After growing up in a tiny coal town and pulling herself up by her bootstraps, a FBI secretary had a whole lot to live for. But out of nowhere, her promising life is cut short leaving friends wonder who would snuff out such a vivacious woman in her prime?
Oct 5th

Scandal in Hunt Country

In the posh expanses of VirginiaÕs "hunt country," the fiery relationship between a billionaire heiress and her polo-playing boyfriend comes to a violent and shocking end.
Oct 6th

Bloodshed in Boonsboro

When a retired couple is found murdered in their home, the town of Lynchburg fears they have a killer on the loose. Neighboring police agencies join forces to hunt down the monster, and uncover clues that may have them heading right into the DevilÕs den.
Oct 9th

Bleeding Heart

Genore is a generous soul and a friend to all, and when she doesnÕt show up at work one day, her colleagues are immediately concerned. When police discover her battered body, but no enemies can be found, they are left to wonder-who loved Genore to death?
Oct 10th

Friendship Under Fire

Carol and Robyn are friends whoÕve always been by each otherÕs side. When RobynÕs husband, Brian, is found murdered in Lake Charles, Carol is right by her side. But, police will uncover BrianÕs racy past and love for women that may have been his demise.
Oct 11th

Knock, Knock, You're Dead.

A gang of outlaws wreaks havoc on small towns throughout Appalachia. Posing as federal agents, this group of bandits preys on innocent citizens of Eastern Kentucky Ð leading the state police and the FBI on a wild goose chase.
Oct 12th

So Many Women

A beautiful young co-ed is strangled to death in the bathroom of her Charlotte, North Carolina home. Her murder ignites an investigation that leads police down a horrifying trail of bodies in pursuit of a diabolical serial killer.