About the show

Series that transports viewers into a steamy, Southern subculture of charming drawls, lavish lifestyles -- and dark, despicable deeds; hosted by actress Shanna Forrestall, a native belle of Louisiana, the salacious stories give another meaning to things that "go south"; the series features re-enactments of crimes committed by the least expected -- families with respected reputations and people with long-standing values to uphold.


Upcoming episodes

May 18th

So Many Women

A beautiful young co-ed is strangled to death in the bathroom of her Charlotte, North Carolina home. Her murder ignites an investigation that leads police down a horrifying trail of bodies in pursuit of a diabolical serial killer.
May 19th

Who Shot the Sheriff?

Derwin Brown wins the Sheriff seat and promises to clean up the department. Incumbent Sheriff Sidney Dorsey and his associates will stop at nothing to hold on to their jobs. ItÕs a battle between good vs. evil, and someone ends up paying the price.
May 20th

Romance is Dead

In 2010, Julia Phillips calls police to the home of her boyfriend Melvin Roberts. Officers find Melvin murdered and Julia bound in duct tape. As detectives begin digging, they uncover a deadly scandal that rocks this small southern town to its core.
May 23rd

Lafayette's Little Sisters

Two women mysteriously disappear in Lafayette, LA 13 years apart from each other. With a lack of evidence, police are stumped. ItÕs a race against time to find out what happened to these two southern belles. Until then, Lafayette will never be the same.
May 24th

Directions to Hell

Police find a young woman covered in blood and clinging to life in her Augusta, Georgia home. The case will lead detectives on the hunt for a serial killer responsible for a long, horrifying series of murders and abductions in multiple states.
May 25th

The Perfect Poisoner

Prim and proper Marie Hilley of Anniston, Alabama is left to fend for herself after a mysterious illness overtakes her husband. Despite a life insurance payout, her debts keep piling up as the same illness threatens to kill her daughter as well.
May 26th

Smooth Talking Devil

Sparks fly in Jackson, MI and Bossier City, LA when a smooth talking cowboy comes to town and women start disappearing. Communities are on edge, as police race to find answers. But how many more have to die before they find this Devil in Disguise?
May 27th

Evil Among Us

A fierce hurricane rips through rural Chunchula, Alabama, leaving members of the tight-knit community to repair their town. But for Lisa Marie Nichols and her family, the storm has done more damage than they could ever imagine.
May 30th

Homicidal Hospitality

Laura Ling is a single mom trying to raise her teenage daughter alone, until she meets Stephen Stanko a down on his luck author. Laura offers Stephen a helping hand, and invites him into her family, until StephenÕs true nature shines through.
May 31st

Music City Murder

They say everythingÕs just a little sweeter in the South, at least thatÕs the case for Jim and Kelley Cannon, one of Nashville TennesseeÕs finest young couples. But this fairytale isnÕt quite as enchanted as it seems.