Targeted For Murder


Upcoming episodes

Dec 12th

Deadlift Killer

When a missing bodybuilder is found encased in cement, is it a killer’s physical strength or a monstrous conspiracy at the heart of this depraved crime?
Dec 13th

Drop Dead Gorgeous

When a mega rich Texas oil heir is found murdered in the mansion he shares with his former beauty queen girlfriend, police discover that she has mysteriously gone missing.
Dec 14th

Blood in the Bedroom

When a woman discovers her husband shot to death in bed, it triggers an epic police investigation such as this small Ohio community has never seen before.
Dec 15th

Two Keys to Murder

Police are baffled when millionaire Bill McLaughlin is shot six times inside his secure, gated community home.
Dec 16th

Double-cross Killer

When an affair with a mutual friend turns into a messy divorce and re-marriage, the treachery is just beginning as police try to discover who pulled the trigger on Helium Road.
Dec 19th

House of Lies

A wife calls 911 to report a burglary and her husband being shot, but the evidence around the house starts to tell a story of its own.
Dec 20th

Monday Night Murder

When a man’s family and coworkers lose touch with him for days, the police are sent to his apartment. But what they find is far worse than any of them expected.
Dec 21st

Summer of Fear

Random shootings, rapes, and robberies leave residents scared, and authorities seemingly powerless, when serial killers wage a reign of terror over the streets of Phoenix, Arizona.
Dec 22nd

Murder in the Desert

The murder of a beloved yoga instructor appears to be an open and shut robbery homicide until detectives find themselves deep in a murder investigation with one too many twists.
Dec 23rd

Bad Blood

When a real estate entrepreneur is found in a pool of blood in his ransacked kitchen, investigators suspect a long-simmering family feud may be connected to his murder.