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A look at how advances in technology have revolutionised detective work, as seen through a number of high-profile cases. Comprised of key witness testimonies, interviews, reconstructions, and archive footage.


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Mar 3rd

The Murder of Belen Perez

"On May 21st 2014 in Provo, Utah, a man returning from work discovered the body of his mother on the floor of their home. She had been covered in cleaning chemicals and strangled. An investigation started, but the chemicals had contaminated the crime scene and the case remained unsolved for some time. However, local detectives never gave up on the murder, which had left the community shaken."
Mar 4th

The Perplexing Case of Kay Mortensen

"On 16th November, 2009 police in Payson Canyon, Utah received a 911 call from a woman who claimed she had been taken hostage by armed intruders. The woman said she had been tied up, along with her husband, at her father-in-law’s mountain retreat. When police responded to the scene they found the body of a victim, who had suffered a brutal attack and a chilling message from the killers."