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A look at how advances in technology have revolutionised detective work, as seen through a number of high-profile cases. Comprised of key witness testimonies, interviews, reconstructions, and archive footage.


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Sep 29th

The Murder of Rosa Morales

3:35am on Wednesday, October 13th, 1989, the San Diego Police Department received an emergency call from a distraught young female, Leticia “Letty” Moreno, who had discovered her friend, Rosaura “Rosa” Morales, unconscious and unresponsive. When police arrived at the home they were confronted with an horrific scene, mother of seven, Rosa was dead, she had been stabbed eleven times. Adding to the horror, Rosa was two months pregnant and her children were in the apartment when the attack happened. A full investigation was launched, but what initially appeared to be an open-and-shut case took over three decades to solve.
Sep 30th

Serial Rapist of Sacramento

August 25th, 1994 police were called to an apartment complex in the Sacramento area. A 24-year-old woman had been sexually assaulted by an unknown intruder in her home. Detectives knew she was another victim of a serial rapist, who had already attacked many times before. The media dubbed him the ”Second Story Rapist” and fear had descended on the Sacramento community. The attacker had left evidence behind, but Detectives were still unable to identify him.ked him down.
Oct 1st

Tortured Love

In January 2018, local police in Chandler, Arizona received a welfare check request for a female. When police arrived at her residence, they discovered a shocking scene. The victim was found barely alive and her assailant was arrested. While investigators initially believed this was a simple case of spousal abuse, they unearthed a gruesome plot that involved two other potential victims.
Oct 2nd

Highway Horror

In September 2017, police in Castle Rock, Colorado, received a 911 call. The dead body of a young woman had been discovered on the side of the highway. The crime scene was particularly violent and bloody. A major investigation was launched, but with no obvious motive, a suspect was not immediately identified.
Oct 3rd

The Tantra Rapist

In September 1993, police in Boulder, Colorado received an emergency call from an apartment complex on the south-east of the city. A woman reported that she had been raped. As local police investigated they soon discovered that it was not the first attack to have happened in that location and they link it to even more rapes in Denver and Texas. A sexual predator has been at large for over 10 years.
Oct 4th

The Orem Murders

In September 2015, a young mother and her son disappeared from their home in Orem, Utah, a small community south of Salt Lake City on Interstate 15. They hadn’t shown up to a scheduled custody exchange of the boy and his father reported them missing. An investigation is launched and it quickly becomes clear that their disappearance may have been caused by someone close to them.
Oct 5th

Tragedy in The Canyon

On May 6th 2017, a hunter in a canyon about 25 miles south of Provo, Utah found a body hanging from a tree. When police arrived, they found what they believed to be a suicide, however all was not what it initially appeared to be. The victim could not have made her way there without transport. An investigation was launched and with the help of digital s, the story began to unravel.
Oct 6th

The Murder of Belen Perez

"On May 21st 2014 in Provo, Utah, a man returning from work discovered the body of his mother on the floor of their home. She had been covered in cleaning chemicals and strangled. An investigation started, but the chemicals had contaminated the crime scene and the case remained unsolved for some time. However, local detectives never gave up on the murder, which had left the community shaken."
Oct 7th

The Perplexing Case of Kay Mortensen

"On 16th November, 2009 police in Payson Canyon, Utah received a 911 call from a woman who claimed she had been taken hostage by armed intruders. The woman said she had been tied up, along with her husband, at her father-in-law’s mountain retreat. When police responded to the scene they found the body of a victim, who had suffered a brutal attack and a chilling message from the killers."
Oct 8th

Treacherous Encounter

"On 23rd October 2010, the St Petersburg Police Department in Pinellas County, Florida responded to a 911 call, a body had been found. The victim, initially believed to be a homeless person, had suffered a fatal gunshot wound. An investigation was launched that uncovered a most unusual killing, connected to a person with a bizarre public profile."