About the show

This series digs deep into the psychological forces that drive a person to commit homicide. What compels him or her to decide that taking a life is something that must be done? Perhaps the offender has been struggling with lifelong issues. Or maybe it's an inability to cope with pressures of adulthood. Whatever the case, the perpetrator's tortuous journey stunningly ends in violence. Episodes include interviews that offer insight into the troubling relationships between offenders and victims.


Upcoming episodes

Nov 1st

Death Pact

For years, Travis Kirchner and his mother Pat have run the beloved Poki Roni horse ranch in El Paso, Texas. When Pat is found dead, police have a baffling mystery to solve. Is this suicide or is her son Travis somehow involved?
Nov 1st

Dead Drunk

Paul Cox endures a tumultuous childhood plagued by trouble in school, tension with his parents and a serious drinking problem. But with his sobriety comes recurring nightmares of a gruesome crime. Could Paul have a secret that not even he knows?
Nov 1st

Ordained to Kill

When 20-year-old Thayne Ormsby moves in with 63-year-old Vietnam veteran Bob Strout, it seems heÕs found the father figure heÕs been lacking. HeÕs enthralled with BobÕs war stories, but his desire to be like him could lead him down a dark path.
Nov 1st

Supermarket Slaughter

Arunya Rouch runs the seafood department at one of FloridaÕs busiest supermarkets. But after being bullied by a fellow worker for months, Arunya seeks revenge. Her violent act is captured on 30 surveillance cameras and leaves her loved ones stunned.