About the show

Activist Beth Holloway, whose teenage daughter went missing in Aruba in 2005, hosts this docu-reality series that examines disturbing crimes that remain unsolved. Families who have been victimized by the disappearances of loved ones and other unspeakable crimes turn to Holloway to help them through their difficult times and, possibly, find answers in their search for the truth. Holloway offers her unique insight and goes on location to introduce viewers to important facts and pivotal moments in each case.


Upcoming episodes

Jan 21st


Set in Homosassa, FL and Ocilla, GA. Viewers meet the family of a 9-year-old girl who went missing from her Florida home and her father embarks on a journey to clear his family name and bring a killer to justice. Additionally, Beth visits the loved ones of a high school teacher and former beauty queen who vanished from her home late one night.
Jan 28th


Set in Philadelphia and Leesburg, FL.
Feb 4th


Set in Belton, MO and Chicago. Beth talks to the family of a teen who left school one day, never to return home. The mystery deepens when investigators learn a missing persons report was filed days before her actual disappearance. The series also follows the story of a young man who vanished without a trace while on a school trip to Chicago.